Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Book Fair

Alongside with St. Audry's costume party they also have a book fair sale at the entrance. Books on sale are coloring books, educational books on alphabets/numbers and very colorful story books ranging from small to giant size hard bound books. Good thing about school's book fair is that prices are on discounted rates. I saw books ranging from P30 and above.

Those books I usually see on famous bookstores are 25-50% less. I remember my second child Gen who's so fond of books but she's on her school on that day so she wasn't able to look on the books for sale. Anyway most of the books there are for Josh' age ranges from 3-6 years old so maybe she'll be a little bored on the lineup. Gen is so fond of Almanac books. Whenever there's a book fair on their own school Gen and Ruth gets to buy something that they like, I gave them allowances for buying books. Actually we have collection on thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms, science and educational books that they bought every book fair sale. How about your kids, what books do they prefer?


Monday, October 27, 2008

Recovery Period

After recovering from a week of losing energy and appetite I started taking multivitamins to regain my strength and boosts my energy. I always see to it that I eat at least 2 kinds of healthy fruits everyday, what I refer to as being healthy are those fruits which gives vitamins the most like vitamin C which I need right now. For now I’ll forget my diet and concentrate on full recovery. I might consider getting best diet pills after I’m normal enough to stop energy-boosting multivitamins. I know I should be giving myself a dietary plan but for this week onwards I’ll just rest. I’ll take it when I’m able.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

:Today's Flower #12

Click picture to enlarge

This photo was taken in Bicolandia farm. Gumamela (Hibiscus) is a very common flower here in the
Philippines, we normally just passed by them without taking paying much attention little did we know that its uses are not ordinary. They come in many colors, red, orange, white, yellow, pink and some say purple but I still have to see a purple gumamela.

It has many uses – the leaves can be blended with Rose Hip to produce herbal tea and can be used to cure cough, bronchitis, infections, sore throat, high blood pressure, mumps, boils, fever, headaches and many others. You can search online for herbal medicine preparation.

When I was a child it’s my favorite ingredients for my liquid formula for blowing up bubbles. I just mashed and squeezed the leaves and mix it with water and soap and voila I have never ending liquid for big soap bubbles.

More Today's Flower entries here.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Homecare For Our Seniors

Our seniors in the family should be loved and cared for. They should be given proper attention and support for they’re the ones who nurtured us when we’re young, raised us to be good citizens, taught us to be good humans and sent us to school to give us good future and most importantly they gave us life. In their golden years of living they tend to show some sign of weakness and not as strong as when they were younger so better caring should be given to them.

Sometimes it necessitates others to live in other country or some place that they couldn’t anymore care for their seniors. Or in other cases there’s just no one to look after them that it’s better to look for someone to take care of them like homecare in Greenfield Indiana which can give them proper attention and care. They employ professional homecare staff who can give assistance in our seniors’ daily activities in life like eating, bathing and on reminding them on their medication intake. These are simple things but it means a lot to these seniors to have someone assists and care for them and have companion also.

There are different needs and the services offered will depend on the clients’ requirements. Gilbert Guide offers homecare listings and some information on what to look for a good homecare provider. So if you’re looking for a nursing home, hospice, homecare, home health care and other services for our dear seniors you know where to look for!


United Nations Day Parade

Early in the morning we watched the parade of toddlers from our community’s Day Care Center. I was preparing our breakfast when my kids called to watch the parade going on the street just outside our house. It’s actually a celebration of the United Nations Day and the children were in pairs representing chosen countries of the United Nations wearing their national costumes. Of course the kids were so cute and nice in their costumes, they’re groomed to look like their represented nationalities like Chinese, Americans, Asian etc.

I remembered participating in that kind of parade when my girls Ruth and Gen were 4 years old. Ruth was chosen to be Ms. India and even if she wore no makeup then she really looked like an Indian national with just her natural looks. People were saying that she’s the most look-alike face and they were calling her Ms. India.

I just noticed that celebration of United Nations Day now is much simpler.


Natural-Looking Hair Transplant

Our hair is our crowning glory so we must protect, preserve and care for it the best way we could. But what if we lose them at an early age? Some became insecure, others feel it’s their genes so they can’t do something about it but most consult doctors on how to remedy their hair loss problem. After all, our hair really affects our total look, personality and age. Why? Because you tend to look older if you have thinning hair or worse if you lose them totally.

Now this is not a problem anymore as there are lots of specialists like Dr. Gregory Pistone who can solve your problem by means of PA hair transplant which not only restores your hair but looks as natural as your original hair. With the use of follicular unit hair transplantation the result is better than the usual hair transplant, you can never tell that it’s a transplant. It’s also very affordable so many people can avail it if they want to. Now you can be younger looking and more confident with your new natural-looking hair.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Enjoying The Costume Party!

We’ve had a busy day as Josh had his costume party at their school. It’s a regular time schedule in the afternoon, actually one of the hottest afternoon this week. The school management was happy with the weather because their activity was a sure funny one but I was hoping earlier that the weather would be a little colder but without rains of course. The heat was killing us softly lol!

Anyway the kids were just as happy especially my little one who was very excited with the party. He was even chosen to join the first team of players in the game of bottle and straw. I was laughing while taking my shots because the kids seemed so confused with what they’re doing. Josh was slow in doing the game but was perfectly following the rules so no time was wasted. If you didn’t follow the rules you’ll go back so it’s better to do it slowly but surely.

As the boys were faster than girls and their costumes were much easier to handle than girls they won and Josh was beaming with pride lol! Start of the game and he has won already, he gave me his prize and returned to other games and party. Every now and then he asks me for drinks and food and when the game was over, he let me buy him his favorite – ice cream! Here's Josh and his friend Carl's picture while playing the game, more pics at my other blog!


Open Media Site

Keeping up with the news is very important in our life that’s why we buy daily newspapers, subscribed to magazines, watch news on television and update ourselves over internet for current news around the world. It’s part of our life and without it it’s like living on far away uncivilized areas. We need to keep track of what’s happening in our community, our own country and around the globe.

As a very busy person with a full time job in the office and part-time job at night I find it hard sometimes to read the latest updates on newspapers or watch television so I just turned to news on the net for the things that I want to know. It’s nice to know that now there’s allvoices, a site that allows anyone to report news from anywhere around the world. It’s a media that’s open to all and because of this you can update yourself with the current news on people, web2.0 politics coverage, stories all over the world and many other news updates, you can even report your own if you want to. You can contribute news and report them via mobile phones and your personal computers to share videos and news. You can connect and participate in the discussion adding comments to stories or you can add your voice for those who really want to have their piece of the news casting.

It’s really a great help for people who want to report news and to know what’s happening around them. It’s like having your news at your fingertips just like me browsing all news that interests me and I find it worthwhile.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Win Lots Of Prizes!

Yen is celebrating her 3 years anniversary in the blogging world and she wants to share her happiness and blessings of course. I'll say I really admire Yen's energy and flair for photography and blogging (she has plenty of blogs). Now she's having a contest on her blog and I'm joining the fun!

Here are the PRIZES:

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Come and join her contest here!


The Credit Report Center

When we start a family there’s so many things that we have to buy to start a new life with. We need house, car and many other things. Not all people are rich enough or have saved enough for these necessities so applying for loans seem to be a good idea. And if you want your loan to be approved you must have a good credit report that will reflect your good credit standing. The lenders make it a point to check credit bureaus to see and check their applicant’s credit score.

It’s a safety precaution to check your credit score more often because in this way you can check if there’s some errors on it like accounts that’s been opened by hackers or identity thieves. Just check online for companies that give free credit report like the credit report center which provides this kind of free service that will help people monitor their records. It’s a lot of help to everyone especially those who are applying for their house loan, car loan or even business loan.

Your good credit score relies on your ability to pay your credit on time, no missing of payment and no bad credit reputation. Always remember that your beacon score which is your overall credit information is one of the main factors on how your loan will be approved. So to be sure that you’ll be getting a good and high beacon score always request for free credit score from the credit report center.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old Costume

Josh will be having a costume party this Friday. I searched for a costume pattern online and I’ve found the Harry Potter costume, a big cat costume and a pumpkin overall costume. All of them are cute and easy to follow by sewers. I’ve even planned on going to my friend to ask her to sew it for me but when I saw the school’s letter on parents I’ve changed my mind. The letter requests all parents to make use of old costume or just improvise something that will not cost a lot. This has been the rule of some schools these days as the economic situation of the country is getting harder.

As parents we want the best for our children to the point of spoiling them but sometimes we must weigh things up and balance our life. The school’s advice is right and I fumbled for my son’s costume last year which still looks new and fits him. He even played wearing it because as he told me he missed his Robin costume. I’m happy that I saved a lot this time.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Sick!

I was so sick yesterday at the office and the whole day today, had colds, chill all over my body and just can’t stay at my PC for a long time, makes my head swell. I was just wondering why I got sick when I had a complete sleeping hours for four days now, is my body adapted to my 3-hour sleeping that when I’ve finally slowed down on my bad sleeping habits my body didn’t recognized it, weird! Well I had a body massage twice last night and this morning by my ever loving mom and I think that contributed a lot to my speedy recovery.

Hope I’ll be able to work tomorrow as I’ve lots of things to do not to mention that I also have to check on the industrial clamps that my boss is asking me about. I still don’t know what he is trying to do with it but I’ll search on it anyway. For now I’ll just rest and pray that I’ll be fully recovered tomorrow so I can go on with my regular chores and office works.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Viral Linking

Thanks Bes JennyL for including me in this viral linking! I'm tagging my sister Regie, Cecile, Liza, Maricel, Mira, JennyR, Emzkie, Maritess, Claire, Jhona, Yaya, Janet Vicy and Bregie and to all my blogger friends who want to join in this tag, feel free to link yourself! (only those who want to join, thanks and have fun!)

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

It’s Not Right To Be Sick

Yesterday as I accompanied my daughter in her school activities I wasn’t prepared for the effect of the scorching heat that we caught on our way back home. I can’t leave my daughter to her teacher and the group to bring her home; I was also thinking that they will bring back to their home school which is few kilometers from the house. Since I can’t convince Ruth to go home earlier I just stayed the whole morning until lunchtime until the group finally went home.

We reached our house lunchtime and my two younger kids said that they missed me a lot when I was away with their sister. You know Saturday is a special day for them aside from Sunday because it’s our bonding moments. When I set everything up for their lunch I just stayed a little while in my PC to check on snowmobile exhaust that my brother was asking me to canvass then I sleep and rest. It was a bad rest as I felt difficulty in breathing, I just lay there trying to sleep but can’t relax due to abnormal breathing. A cousin told me that the heat stroked me badly and I tried to fight the ill feeling. I decided to stop resting and took a cold shower that normalizes my body temperature and began to breathe normally.

For two weeks I’ve been sleeping badly meaning sleeping late and waking up very early so this can be the cause for what I encountered so I promised myself that I will take some break or else I will not be able to take care of my kids and so on…. As the commercial of one multivitamin say ‘it’s not right to be sick’.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Repeat Performance

Woke up very early to accompany Ruth to their group repeat performance of The Bells, they won the competition last October 3, 2008. They championed the poem reading competition for the Literacy Month and won over 10 schools. Their piece was ‘The Bells’ by Edgar Allan Poe. It was a very happy moment for Ruth and I was a little sad that I wasn’t there to watch their performance. Now as the town of Cainta has a program who will be attended by the dignitaries including our town’s mayor Mon Ilagan they were invited to have a repeat performance to show the dignitaries and all the teachers present that they deserve being the champion.
They gathered at their home school, practiced there and traveled to Karangalan Elem School where the program will be held. The teachers were a little bit nervous because the participants seem so relaxed and not at their best performance so they go to a secluded corner of the place and warmed up. For me I know that they can do the same performance as they did when they won the title, you know kids are like that sometimes they want to give their best on the real stage with real people watching them. And true enough they did a very nice performance again, I saw Mayor Mon and some other dignitaries including the foreign visitor smiling as they watch the children rendering ‘The Bells’.

I was the one who took photos and videos of them. As they say I’m really a stage mom lol! And who would miss this chance to document your child life’s memorable moments? Of course I won’t miss the chance!

Here are some pics!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Shadow Of Your Wings!

I’ve been listening early in the morning for my favorite Christian songs when I picked Shadow of Your Wings by Australia Hillsongs and Darlene Zschech. This song truly proves that God is our refuge and strength in times of trouble and problem. There’s no one that we can be assured that we’re safe and protected from any harm. In His care we can cast away all our burdens and anxieties this world has given us. It’s like hiding in the shadow of His wings where we can be safe and peaceful within. Here’s a rundown of the lyrics, feel free to savor the meaning of each line.


TV Relaxation

After an exhausting day at the office and even tiring travel going back home I find it hard to eat as soon as I reached home much less do some blogging. Well I’m just too worn out after whole day’s work to do anything right away so I just spent time with my kids helping them with their school assignments.

After making sure they’ve done all required projects and assignments I prepare the table for dinner. It was a daily task for me and after all these things I will make sure that I relax myself by watching cable movies on our tv. For me it’s one of the most relaxing moments especially when you’re watching light comedy shows or inspirational theme movies. Glad I bought a bigger television two years ago which gave us a better viewing experience.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sometimes Meme!

Grab this from Alpha! Thanks!

Sometimes I just need: to have some time just for myself.

Sometimes I want: to go to our province in Laguna.

Sometimes I like to: to do some gardening.

Sometimes all it takes: is strong faith in God, actually most of the time.

Sometimes I picture: the future with my kids all grown-up.

Sometimes I wish: all my plans will materialize.

Sometimes I find: my job rewarding, sometimes not.

Sometimes I take: criticisms on a good light.

Sometimes I look: for some improvement on our house.

Sometimes I hate: our neighbor's dog barking on midnight.

Sometimes it’s nice: to avail of discount on things you want to buy especially on Seiko watches which I'm planning to buy next month. I've seen some of it on discount watch store and I'm happy that it's now affordable.

Sometimes it hurts: when others are not honest to you.

Sometimes it makes me happy: looking at the old pictures of my kids, those pictures dating back 5 years ago when they were cute little babies and toddlers.

Sometimes it’s sad: when some of my close friends decided to work and live abroad though I'm happy that they found bigger opportunities.

Sometimes I listen: and follow advices given to me, sometimes I just listen but don't follow.

Sometimes I sleep: after midnight, blogging of course.

Sometimes I like to watch: the clouds in the sky forming different shapes.

Sometimes I feel: reflective

Sometimes I rant: about the kids' bad habits.

Sometimes I never: take a break.

Sometimes I really: need to rest.

To all my blogger friends feel free to do this meme anytime you want!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We'll Make It!

We had a wonderful bible sharing which took us until 10:30 in the evening and after dinner and many goodbyes we were ready to go home past eleven. After so many weeks of giving time to my other blog ‘My Crossroads’ I’m now resting my body and mind. I’ve refrained for few days now from my habit of working until past midnight.

I got sick from this habit and I realized I should value my health also for me and my family’s sake as well. How could I care for my kids if I’m not physically healthy? Well as I’m finished submitting and applying that to some companies now I’m just waiting for other’s approval. This is so important to me as I’m leaving my work and I plan to finish my employment this December. With my blogs, a small business and God’s help we will make it through.


Nationwide Phone Lookup

It’s very common to people to ask phone numbers to get in touch especially if just met the person. It’s not always necessary to know their address at the first meeting, anyway it’s always the landline or mobile phone numbers that we’re always interested at. People have a thinking that address and some information can follow at later days. But if suddenly you need the address for a letter to send to, a gift or flowers to deliver or for many other reasons you’ll realize the importance of addresses.

Whatever you reasons may be there’s a way that you can find people by phone number with the help of nationwidephonelookup.com where you can find information of certain person with the use of any type of landline or cell phone numbers. Their secret is a large database with more records than other companies offering the same service. They offer an expanded people search tools to quickly find out the address of the people in search. You’ll be assured to know that their reverse phone lookup service works better than any other lookup services from other companies. So what are you waiting for? Be a member and enjoy their good service and guaranteed results.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Join JoyD's Toy Hunt

JennyL’s sister JOYD invited me to join her photo meme TOY HUNT. This is open to all mommies, singles and all members of your family. Yes I’m joining too and I’m having an inventory of my kids’ toys because of this lol!

It’s a weekly toy hunt every Tuesday. JoyD has prepared weekly theme for six weeks namely:

October 21: Toy/s that sing/s
October 28: Fluffy Toy/s
November 4: Toy/s that walk/s
November 11: RED Toy/s
November 18: Multicolored Toy/s
November 25: Toy/s that talk/s

So have fun and join her TOY HUNT now!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Such Cravings for Ice Cream!

Josh just love ice cream any flavor and any brand. Actually when I go to office and I leave him to my Mom they would wait for the rolling ice cream on the streets. If you’ll see him calling for the ice cream vendor you’ll smile at the excitement you’ll see in his face, such cravings! See his picture here!

No wonder every time I bring him to supermarket he’ll go immediately to chest freezers containing ice cream and he’ll choose one for him. And you know where he got that super cravings for ice cream? Yes he got it from me I’m also an ice cream girl but now that I’m older I have my own flavor preferences! I love double dutch, coffee crumble and some other premium flavors, actually the only flavor that I will not buy are ube and macapuno.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Your Burger Says About You?

What Your Burger Says About You

You are very gluttonous. Even if you're full, you'll still clear your plate.

You are a compassionate and caring. You know how to enjoy life while still looking out for others.

You are likely a fairly picky eater. And you're secretly a little squeamish about some foods.

You are a very open eater. You like many types of tastes, and you'll eat just about anything.

You are emotional. You have a big heart, and you tend to go for comfort foods.

What Does Your Burger Say About You?

Just came from fellowship the whole day and early evening and
I thought of having this test just for fun. And what have I got! Wow it says a lot about food preferences huh! Well I am really a very open eater and I have a big heart. How about you?


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make A Change!

I was surprised that the subject here is a boy, he’s been known to possess good heart that he used to help people. Bilaal Rajan inspired other children to dream and to hope. He didn’t just inspire them but he also raised funds for UNICEF. He’s such an ideal young boy that whoever know his philantrophic attitude can attest that he can make big corporation realized that they should help others too by giving donations to less fortunate people. Bilaal Rajan goal in life is to tell the children to maximize their talents, skills and all potentials to achieve changes in life. He’s the youngest ambassador in UNICEF but proved to them that age doesn’t matter with his devotion and capabilities in helping children change their lives for a better world.

Now he made the ‘Make a Change’ book which talks about fundraising tips for activist kids who want to follow his step. The book contains guidelines for youth and topics to help them do amazing things and be creative on their own. Actually even adults could also read it to inspire them in their everyday life. Second half of the book contains eight principles to maximize your talents and skills written to encourage young children and youth to value what God has given you. The book is really a lot of help to everyone especially those who want to make a great change in their lives. Be inspired!


My Heart Is Pink!

Your Heart Is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent - even though you aren't.

Each time you fall in love, it's like falling for the first time.

Your flirting style: Coy

Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park

Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant

What you bring to relationships: Romance

What Color Heart Do You Have?

Just took this test to lighten my mood, had a really tiring day today with household chores and blogging assignments, saw this quiz and answer it immediately, how true? well for me personality test and quiz are always partly true if only we will admit it lol!


Federal Inmate Records

Having trouble finding inmate records of your friend? It’s frustrating sometimes if you can’t locate someone you know especially if he got imprisoned and you don’t know where you can visit him. Well stop feeling bad because an online site now is available to help problems like this. We’ve got federalinmaterecords.org to assist you in searching their database for inmate records across United States. You’ll be glad to know that they’ll find it for you easily and at a very low cost. So if you still want to do ohio inmate search they will surely have the information ready for you fast and quickly. No need to feel sad anymore as you can finally visit your friend or relative.


Hooked Up!

I can't seem to stand now and eat as I'm grabbing my chances of getting more opportunities from ppp. As I'm a full-time office employee and only a part-time blogger at night and work lunch breaks I really find it hard to get assignment from this No. 1 provider of opportunities. I was able to get assignments only on companies that offer longer days of due dates which is very flexible for part-time bloggers like me. But now that it's my free day or my day off from work I got the chance to look over and was surprised to find many opps in white background meaning it's still open for reservation. What a lucky day, it's my sixth now!


Country Jail Records

Finding someone you lost contact is difficult as there are millions of human being here. It’s even more difficult to find records of a friend or relative that’s been imprisoned for a long time especially if you lost track of his jail records. Now the possibility of finding someone in jail is not that hard as there’s a website online available to help you search for them. Yes countryjailrecords.org has a database of prison jail records across United States like ohio jail records where you will find record of your lost friend, relative or an acquaintance. Retrieving is easy and quick so try finding them now.



I woke up early this morning even if my kids has no classes today. I need to go to market early to catch up with my busy schedules. Yesterday night hubby asked me if I can cook pork sinigang tomorrow with real tamarind and not just the ready-made powder tamarind broth because he really wanted an original tamarind sour taste. He didn't know that my two girls are also asking me the other day so I decided since I don't have office work today that I'll succumb to their cravings. I bought a meat with some pork bones so it will have a tasty soup. Well actually I didn't just cooked for their cravings because it's my favorite too!


Find Death Records Easy and Quick

There are times that you need pertinent records that due to some reasons it’s hard to find. Records such as birth certificates, school cards, insurances and death certificates are vital records that should be kept properly but due to mishandling of records or occurrence of natural calamities like fire these records can’t be located easily. As these should be recovered immediately we should find ways to search for ways to have a copy. Now this problem can be solved immediately as there’s a website online where you can find death records recovered in America. Searching and finding for death certificates seems so easy now, you can find them quickly at freedeathcertificate.org so visit them now!


Got To Fix My PC!

I've had a hard time visiting blogs yesterday night as my PC is not at it's best condition. I scheduled it to be dropped to my office so my officemate can check it. He's a software specialist and great in troubleshooting. It was a rainy morning yesterday and since we can't use our car due to road widening I told hubby not to bring it as it's so traffic to rent a cab and dangerous if we just take a bus or jeep, it might slip! Luckily when I reached home it's working but not that fast to be able to drop ec and visit blogs quickly. It took me up to 2am again just to drop using 1 account only. Anyway I'll try to fix my PC today by myself after I'm done with my assignments.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Holiday Appetizers

Holiday season is just around the corner and as early as this month many Mommies out there are planning out their menu for the coming season. We’re celebrating our holiday on a villa resort where we will be having a camp meeting for three days. We’re having a group menu planning of breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for three days for a group of 80 people. Of course we will also include some holiday appetizers to go with our viands and desserts. Oh I really love menu planning and cooking. I can’t wait for it.


Ruth Is Sick!

I woke up at dawn hearing Ruth’s silent murmur and I thought I was only dreaming. As all my kids sleeps beside me I can easily check what’s troubling them at night. I was surprised when I touched her because she’s so hot and she’s having a dream calling my name. I wake her up and asked what she wants me to do. This daughter of mine has a very strong resistance to sickness compared to her other siblings. She seldom gets sick but when she does you should really ask her about it because she has a tendency not to speak much about it.

I cooked her requested oatmeal immediately and served her a plate of rice with ham and egg. She still eats even when she’s feeling bad and I feel happy about it. Since I can’t take a day off my work because I’m going to finalize and check the payroll I set everything she needs and turned over to my mother her medicine, bought all her requested food and kissed her. She’s a big girl now so she’s ok as long as her granny is with her. Mom massaged her and let her take some rest and sleep the whole morning, I just keep on sending them text messages and just now I called her. She’s feeling a lot better now, thanks to God!


Outer Banks Vacation Rentals

It’s been a tiring week for me finishing some reports and billing. What’s even tiring is my blogging every night which takes me up to 2 in the morning almost four to five times a week. I just can’t even start early evening because when I get home from office works the travel from my work to home takes a lot of my energy and strength. Upon reaching the house I will attend to my kids’ assignment and some essentials, household chores seemed to wait for me the whole day that I feel like it all crumbles on me at night.

Actually to relax myself I watch television shows and when I feel relaxed and comfortable I will start writing on my blogs. I don’t want to write on an exhausted mood, imagine sharing inspirational messages when you don’t feel inspired yourself? That’s difficult. Anyway I’m longing for a vacation where I can rest my mind and body from everyday hassle and stress. I’ve been browsing Outer Banks vacation rentals and wishing I could find the time and money to pamper myself to go to one of the finest beach homes on the outer banks.


Race Got Interrogated!

:: October 10, 2008

:: 5:00 am.

:: Yup.

:: I did my usual tasks in my office

:: 40 years old.

:: Matured but sometimes immature lol!

:: Nanay and Tatay, other times ‘Mother’

:: Am not, I have 1 brother and 1 sister

:: Usually Mall but sometimes Tiangge.

:: Yap especially college

:: very much

:: I’m happily married :-)

:: Hubby

:: sometimes with hubby

:: I’m a super mom....

:: I am not

:: Hmmm... not ever =)

18. WOULD U LIKE TO MEET Josh Hartnett?
:: Ok lang! But I’d rather meet Jet Li!

19. Where do u think ur bestfriend is?
:: In her internet café.

:: yesterday, we chatted!

:: Hmmm... we always need each other, someone to talk to because we talk about everything since we were 13 years old!. now we’re blogger friends also..

:: a Dell or HP laptop, hubby told me he’ll buy me!

:: A 4-wheel drive car will do (so I can use it in the mountains)

:: Why, not.

:: Nope....

:: I was using Sara Lee in the past years but now I don’t need it anymore!

:: Not ever!

:: Never even in my dream.

:: I want three kids just like our family now that I have a family of my own I’m blessed with two girls and one boy

:: Homework of my preschooler!

:: Yup... Deeper In Love by Don Moen


:: I want to spend a weekend in Tagaytay..

Thanks Bregie for this tag...sorry that I took me a long time to post it here!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nouveau University Gets New CEO

When we talk about investment we think of house and lot, small business, cars, jewelry and bank deposits. One of the best investment is real estate especially lands because it appreciates its value through the years. But if you want to invest or sell properties you must have a good knowledge of real estate industry to gain profitable income. While many people would just jump on investing to real estate business some were wise enough to seek proper education first before entering the industry. Now there’s a better way to learn this industry through Nouveau University which offers quality education on gaining knowledge and skills needed for real estate business.

Nouveau University is a unique business and real estate university that offers associate and bachelor degree programs in accounting, marketing, financing, small business management and of course their specialized real estate investing. They are unique in the way they teach new entrepreneur and small businessmen techniques and time-proven concepts to help them achieve their goals. Nouveau University offers private online education to new aspiring entrepreneurs with courses of eight weeks duration and starts every month for a much adaptable schedule for those who want to learn just as long as they have a computer and internet connection.

With these great benefits you have for an online university you’ll be glad to know that Nouveau University gets Dr. Laura Palmer Noone as their new Chief Executive Officer. With her experience as the former president of the largest private university in the world she has gained the trust of many people with her long lists of accomplishments. She’ll be a great contribution to Nouveau University to further create a big difference in people’s status in life and in enhancing the financial earning capacity of many. Nouveau University will be a better university with her as Chief Executive Officer


Our God Shall Supply All Our Needs

We always held our summer camp and december camp meeting fellowship in one of the mansion in Tagaytay, the owner became our pastor's friend and we had a good christian relationship with him. Being a born-again christian in their own community Pastor Dick committed his house for our regular fellowship on holidays which is commonly on Holy Week and Christmas holidays. Pastor Ed called him up to pay for reservation fee happily looking forward to a day of sharing God's word to his Pastor friend and closing the place for our use on december.

He was surprised when Pastor Dick declined the reservation fee and apologized for letting the Belgian national rent his place on a one-year contract starting October 2008 up to 2009. Pastor Ed was dismayed and started to worry about the place that we're going to use for our fellowship. His son-in-law, a minister also in our church immediately rounded up the places in Tagaytay and nearby towns to look for a replacement. With God's providing hand He gave us a better alternative for the place that we lost to a wealthy foreigner. We will be paying our reservation fee next week on Villa Dominga Forest Resort on Halyjay, Indang Cavite. Just look at the picture here and you'll see why I called it a better alternative. When God provides it must be not just good but better isn't it?


Boston Legal Jobs

My office friend has been a legal assistant for many years now actually it’s her second job since she graduated from college. She’s a graduate of Political Science course and because her family couldn’t afford her to further continue her education to a law course she decided to devote her knowledge and skills to a legal office that offered her a good paying job.

She handled assistance and legal administration management of the law office. She’s a very efficient assistant and can be trusted to decide on confidential and delicate matters. Her boss who is an attorney depends upon her expertise on so many things that during those years as being his legal assistant he sees to it that she gets all the benefits that their company can offer her.

With this ideal situation and a good employer there’s always room for improvement the reason why when my friend was given the chance to make a try working abroad she grabbed the opportunity. Deciding was real hard for her as she came to love her job and her colleagues so much that they become a part of her life. A common friend told her that opportunity knocks only once so she tried to pursue and applied for Boston Legal Jobs which brought enough confidence on her side as she’s perfectly qualified for the position of professional legal assistant. She has a college degree, with excellent oral and written communication skills; she’s very well adept in dealing with clients and experienced in using Microsoft office. She also has a lot of experience in handling court cases so the job would be perfect for her.

With a very big salary offer and compensation benefits who wouldn’t want to work there especially if you want a better future for your family. Boston Legal Jobs’ website provides list of job opportunities in the legal jobs field that you can apply for like legal secretary, legal assistant, commercial law counsel, systems administrator and many job opportunities that give out high pay. So visit them now and start securing your good future with legal jobs in Boston.


Coolest Blog Award!

I thank my friends Cecile, Maritess and Emzkie for this lovely tag/award.

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Now, I nominated 10 other bloggers for this award.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Magazine Site Nouveau Riche

Real Estate is a lucrative means of earning money from selling and even buying for investment. But what does it really take to be successful in this field of business. The most probable answer is of course skills and knowledge of the real estate industry and one must learn from experience and education.

Actually many people wanted to be good in this business because if you have enough knowledge and techniques this industry is a sure profitable income. Anyone interested in real estate industry should study in a place like Nouveau Riche University which offers a unique approach to real estate investing education. They provide system to suit specific needs and requirements of students yearning to learn the craft.

There are amazing testimonials of students who became successful entrepreneurs and investors finding their niche in the real estate world. Finding the right university for your real estate education is important because it is where you will learn all the knowledge of the business, the concepts which were time-proven and all the techniques needed to succeed in real estate. Nouveau Riche has what it takes to turn simple students to big-time realtors because their founders know the secrets to succeed, they know how to create wealth out of real estate.

You can browse through their website where you can see and peak through January 2008 issue of Your Business At Home where Nouveau Riche was featured for the month. It was really nice to browse through the magazine featuring the university and success stories which serves as an inspiration to those who want to enter this business. Visit their site now and start pursuing your dreams, be one of those who succeed in real estate.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Bro's Birthday!

Today is my one and only brother's birthday, the eldest sibling of De Leon family. I’m the middle child and eldest daughter of the family who resembles kuya the most and Redge is the youngest. As my brother and his wife are so busy with their store in grand mall they didn't make a fuss on this day and told us they'll just celebrate it outside. Eating outside on a nice restaurant is sometimes better than a grand birthday celebration with too many visitors. Anyway he has already given a blowout to his construction staff and that's good enough.

Kuya is a licensed Civil Engineer working in an office and managing his own business as well. He's a born-again christian like us and also a certified workaholic like me lol! My two siblings are like me, we give our best to our work and strive so hard for whatever we think is right including our faith. He's the best brother I could ever be proud of having a humble spirit and kind attitude in life. He treats everyone with fair judgement and shares God's word with a servant's heart. We (Mom, Redge and Me) thanked God for giving us the wonderful blessing of having him as a good son and a caring brother. Bro happy birthday! God Bless You always!

Picture taken from glitter-graphics by poetic1


Stylish Sunglasses

In a tropical country like this sun is at its best splendor rising almost every morning except on stormy days. Because of this weather condition people are used to having sun block on their skin and face for skin protection and expect them to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the brilliant and sometimes blinding light of the sun. I think wearing sunglasses is necessary and fashionable also because if you wear one it somehow added some fashion sense on your being. Well that’s the effect of wearing sunglasses the reason why there’s a lot of company who specializes in selling sunglasses.

In the past you can have your choice of your favorite brand of sunglasses at stores in the malls or department stores but now you can have them online. You can browsed online and sort sunglasses by shape, price and style. There are a lot of online stores like Sunglasses Online, your one stop shopping site for the widest selection of the best quality and great value sunglasses. You can easily search through their assortment of mens sunglasses, women’s, unisex, polarized and even discount eyeglasses. Shopping for your favorite brand is now available in the convenience of your own house, no need to walk through stores to get your stylish sunglasses.

Women always want to wear their favorite brand to define fashion and style in women's sunglasses that’s why its best to search through this site as you can shop at Sunglasses Online by brand, style and price range. It’s their business to give their customers the best sunglasses befitting client requirements which defines quality and affordability that’s why they have the wholesale and discount sunglasses. And because they want their customers’ satisfaction they have the ‘No questions asked ’Return Policy’ and Free Shipping within U.S.A. So grab this opportunity and search for your most wanted stylish and quality sunglasses, visit their site and order now!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Preggyness Tag

Got this tag from Tita Beng of My Quiet Zone. Actually I just liked it when I read this on her blog. I've been preggy three times and I always want to relive those moments when I had my angels in my womb, it was one of the most perfect and blessed Moments In My Life - having them inside me feeling their presence all over me. Thanks Tita Beng!


Moms Who Played Along: Mai Yen Eds Vannie Fun.Fierce.Fab Dez Wheng, A Fil-Am Journey, Ailecgee, Moments of My Life

Preggy Facts:

1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how? ::: Hubby.
2. Maximum weight? ::: 7.9 lbs.
3. Cravings? ::: Pineapple, Apple, Corn and Sinigang na Bangus
4. Aversions? ::: Disliked Corned Beef!
5. Morning Sickness? :::Hubby suffered it lol!

D Day Facts:

1 Number of Kids/Deliveries?:::3
2 NSD or CS? ::: CS
3 Girl or Boy? ::: 2 girls and 1 boy
4 AOG (age of gestation) on Birth ::: 40-41 weeks
5 How long in labor? ::: None even on my first baby whom my O.B. tried to deliver normally, guess I'm lucky enough to feel just like a slight dysmenorrhea!


Passing this tag to beautiful Mommies JennyR, Emzkie, Cecile, Geng, Maricel and all Moms out there!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Insure Your Car For Less

Bills are here again and I must not forget a single one or I might be charged with interest. I hate charges you know, I like my bills paid ahead of due dates because you can rest your mind earlier and say to yourself that you’re way ahead of them. Spending our hard-earned money wisely is what I’m teaching myself because if you don’t use your money on the basic commodities and priorities you might get yourself in debt.

Working is hard and even harder if you just pay your salaries on your numerous debts leaving you a meager amount to spend on your family’s need. I’m happy with my household finance strategy now especially that I also found a cheaper car insurance for our family car. Now I don’t have to allot big amount for our car’s insurance. And that means more cash for other important things.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Listen To Audio Books

I’m very fond of reading books and listening to music. It makes a very good combination and good for your soul too if you’re reading inspirational books and listening to Christian music. Now I’ve heard that I’ll enjoy more now with the current digital audio book available online. Isn’t it good that we can enjoy listening to audio books for our much-needed information or for our favorite bestsellers? I will surely love it.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting Ready For The Poem Competition

I woke up very early in the morning to prepare for Ruth’s poem group recital inter-school competition, need to get her hair done in their uniform style. They were ten chosen in their grade 5 class, 6 girls and 4 boys to complete the 30 members who will compete as a group. The other 20 were from the grade 6 class. As Ruth’s hair is long she has to take a bath very early for it to dry and be styled. That’s Mom’s job isn’t it?

I accompanied my girls in going to school at the same time checking what’s need to be done for the competing group. And I’m right because one or two of Ruth’s classmates had their hair messed up getting to school lucky that I was there. I want to go with them for moral support but I have pending jobs in the office that needs my attention today besides Ruth looked confident enough, she might get shy If I watched her lol! Some kids are like that! One of the teachers told me that they will record it in a video so I can get copy. Fine enough with me even if I really want to watch them. Anyway I’m just really excited about it; they’re going to recite ‘The Bells’ by Edgar Allan Poe.

Pictures were taken before going to the place of competition.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hazardous Driving

Being on the road with your hands on the wheel is a big responsibility to take as the lives of your passenger is in your hands. As my father always say when I was a young kid that driving car is putting your life in danger or either getting to hospital or on the jail if you’ll not be careful. This means that driver should be in good condition in mind and body before getting on the wheel. Well if you’re living in Dallas and you happen to violate traffic laws like Driving While Intoxicated you’ll be needing dallas dwi lawyer to help you get out of jail. They have very strict rules in the States and DWI can mean a big violation on the road as it also putting the lives of your passenger and other co-drivers.

One golden rule applies here that when you drive don’t drink. Blame yourself if traffic enforcers suddenly stopped and apprehended you in the middle of the road. In case like this you’ll need the professional services of dallas criminal defense lawyer like Attorney Richard C. McConathy and his group to help you preserve and fight for your rights. DWI Lawyer Dallas have 18 years of combined trial experience in DWI Defense, a great assurance that they will do everything in their experience and knowledge in handling cases like this. But next time you drive bear in mind not to drink as you’ll be a big hazard on the road.


Sewing Fascinates Me

Ruth will participate in an inter-school competition on poem reading and today I left the office at 7pm to ensure everything she need will be there for her tomorrow. I’ve checked her uniform and found that I need to repair buttons that threatens to loose out. I want her to perform spick and span meaning not a single reason to worry about.

It’s good that I’ve been raised to a family that knows how to sew. My father and his brother owned one of the best tailoring and haberdashery shop in town in the 60’s. I remember myself playing with small pieces of textile and trying to make a dress for my doll. Sewing clothes fascinates me but didn’t pursue to master it as I’m afraid that my eyes will suffer the same eye problem of my auntie who was also fond of sewing. Now that I’m a Mom I do some sort of sewing and repairing sometimes as the need arise. I still love sewing!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adolescence Period

Reaching adolescence period for young ladies and men is a completely exciting and sometimes difficult stage for them. It is when they start to recognize the beauty of their friends and suddenly feel something special on them and they call it their crush. The feeling is really exciting. But along with this they also encounter hardships on studying, going through peer pressure and some biological changes such as monthly periods and development of skin imperfections.

Their baby skin suddenly develops acne and if they’re not careful their face would be scarred. They should be advised well on the proper caring for their skin and the treatments for acne so at an early stage their face would regain their normal beauty. Almost all people go through this stage so there is nothing to worry about. I’m just posting some advices here to help young people out there.


Ramadan Holiday

Nice spending bonding time with my three kids today. Today is the end of Ramadan and to respect our Muslim brothers it is declared a national holiday. Good for me as I have to do some shopping and fill my cabinet with grocery supplies. My schedule of replenishing food stocks in the house is on every payday which falls on a two-week interval unlike wet market which is done on a weekly schedule.

Now maximizing my time I’ve already dropped Ec and posted some assignments early to avoid cramming on deadlines, part-time bloggers like me really have a busy schedule on work that deadline sometimes hound them lol! How I wish that I have more time to visit more sites and read, I would really love to read entries if only I have time to spare. Anyway that would be possible in a few months from now.


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