Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My New Oven

Got my new La Germania Gas Range a day before 2007 ends! Good beginning for me to start another path of career lol! Wow! this is the fruit of my blogging at night, it's from my blogging money! Everytime I see it I smile and said to myself that you can really save for what you want if you're determined about what you hope for. I'll start my baking career now so this time I'll spent my blogging money for my complete baking utensils and equipments, that's a lot to save for 'coz baking is such an expensive hobby and a delicious one too :-). Have pictures of my baking attempts in my other blog 'A Beautiful Life" where i write and post my recipes.


Bravespirit January 20, 2008 at 12:21 AM  

Hi Race. Really! It brings a smile in a person's face when he/she gets something from hardwork and determination. You've got an oven!!!! Congratulations! I don't cook nor bake, but I can say that it looked fun and interesting. My sister who took up Culinary Arts is always having a wonderful time whenever she practices her cooking and baking skills in the kitchen. (I posted something about her in my blog. Check it out!)

Oh yes. It's quite an expensive hobby. But if you love it, then money will not be an issue.

Dezz February 1, 2008 at 1:35 AM  

Nice oven. Congrats! honestly, I never knew people making money on blogging or I might just new to blogging world? sorry, but i never thought that it could be possible to make money while making a blog-:)
It does pay your hard work. Its a nice feeling i think when you earn something whom you spent more time with esp on making a blog.
Anyways, I am new to this kind of thing my friend invited me to read her blogs and I was convinced to start mine too.. Well, it was fun I know you had fun too.. I love your page, nice pictures always reminds me of pinas.. Anyways, your hubby looks familiar too. I believe I saw you two before when I was still there. I used to attend a youth camp/rally in our church. I am from POLO church. Let me guess ate, you're from Upper Klinan church? Most people in your pics here very familiar kc.. hope to hear from you.. I know this is out of topic but i am really interested to know more about you.. thanks ate. Godbless

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