Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Fellowship

Second day of our fellowship and the day was full of testimonies and choir presentations from children, youth and the elders. Of course the most important of all were the exhortation from the ministers and the messages from the day's assigned speakers especially from our dear pastor.

The children were well managed by the assigned youth and they've scheduled plenty of activities for them including drawing, playing of games, moulding of clay and many others just as long as the subject is biblical. It's a way of teaching them and to keep them busy so their mommies will be able to hear God's word.

After the afternoon service we held our communion and footwashing which we do every time we have our camp fellowship. It gives a feeling of refreshed spirit especially when you personally talk to Him before accepting the unleavened bread and drinking the wine. As for the footwashing it was known to be the most humble work you will do for your brethren and it also will give you a feeling of meekness and somehow gets you more closer to your brethren.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Bonfire At The Camp

God has given us a good weather for our camp meeting. We prayed for the sun to shine because we’re using our tents and planned to sleep on it. We also had our bonfire on the first night of our fellowship. We prayed for the stars and not the rain and God has given us what we prayed. It was really a cold night and the fire in the middle of us gave us warmth to stay there for about two hours. We had barbeques and a lot of sharing.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Travel To Our Camp Site

Wow! Just got back from a three-day camp meeting fellowship in Indang, Cavite just a few kilometers away from Tagaytay. Actually we passed by Tagaytay on our way to our camp site. It was a safe and nice travel with slight rain showers along to give us a colder temperature inside the car, actually I’m chilling lol!

After just a few hours we reached our new camp site – Villa Dominga Forest Resort in Lumampong, Halayhay, Indang, Cavite, a 6 hectare land full of flowering shrubs, fruit trees, resort, retreat house and conference halls. The place is so nice and wide that all the kids ran through the grassy fields outside the conference hall while we were arranging our things. That’s so perfect for the camp meeting activities for children.

Here’s sharing some of our pics on our first day:


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bags All Packed for Camp Meeting

Got our bags all packed for our December camp meeting and we're all excited for the 3-day camp fellowship ahead of us. I've filed my leave early last week for today because I really need the whole day to check and pack everything we need, actually I started last night. I'm a heavy traveler always bringing extras on clothes and food so if it's a 3-day camp you'll be shocked to see baggage good for 5 days lol! Anyway it's useful on this camp we have now as the place is really far from everything, the nearest market is 90 minutes drive so it's really better to have some extras on the side. Justified lol!

Boy I was so tense that I might not beat the time as we also had our company's party today and I can't snob it so after everything's ready and packed I went to Gerry's Grill in Libis near our office to attend, have some dinner, watch out the fun and raffle. It's a right decision as my boss keep on looking for me to help him see that our employees are well served. Cash raffle prizes kept on pouring in but no luck for me again as usual, I'm not lucky on raffle. The moment the party was ended we claimed our attendance fee of 500 bucks and back to our house.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Awareness on Mesothelioma

When I was young I always heard about the uses of asbestos in many things. Its use extends to workplaces, dwellings, buildings and many other areas where this so-called miracle mineral was used. I remember seeing it on ceilings because it is known to withstand and diminish heat.

Few years back it was found a major hazard to human health if inhaled and exposure to this can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma. Those who have incurred mesothelioma are those people who worked in industries where their work exposed them to particles of asbestos. I was relieved to know that this mineral miracle was already banned.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Birthday With My Churchmates

After 5 years my birthday falls on a Sunday again and it's more special to me. My church mates keeps on teasing me to have a grand celebration and I just smiled at them. Anyway I've really planned to have some celebration because our group loves cooking and eating together whenever there's an occasion. Actually if there's no birthdays or anniversaries we always think of something to celebrate just to have some eating together.

My mom-in-law brought two large bilao of biko con langka and I've brought 2 trays of brownies which for me are the perfect match for spaghetti. As usual our dear sisters helped us in cooking 5 kilos of pasta. I was so touched that my church mates always lend a hand in preparing my blowout for the whole church.
It was a happy celebration and I thanked God for giving me loving family, thoughtful friends and a warm community of church mates. The day ended with much happiness and I'm glad to reach this stage of my life with gratitude to my Lord that He has blessed me not with so much material things but with the real riches of peace, love and faith. Thank you Lord!


Friday, December 19, 2008

School Christmas Party

Thank God it's the last day of my girls in school and it's their Christmas party. Spent my night wrapping their exchange gifts and something for their teachers. I always give gifts to my kids' teachers on this season to give thanks and gratitude for their untiring efforts given to their students.

My mom is a retired teacher and I remember her having many gifts from her students even if they're not her advisory class, she's always been the students' favorite because of her kind and caring ways to students. She even give food and money to those students who go to school without allowance.

Since they're big girls now Ruth is 11 and Gen is turning 10 next month they choose their own clothes and you can let them go on their school christmas parties all by themselves, of course they have their service cars. Since Jollibee and Shakey's didn't go back on their proposed food orders I dropped by at the nearest J store to buy my kids food for lunch. I just let them go earlier and I followed after buying their chicken and burgers.

For the last five years in their elementary days I always took a halfday leave to accompany them but this time I only had a few hours stay in school and went to my office just an hour late. I've only watched them participate on some games and when I think it's ok for me to go I decided to leave the school.Time flies fast and before we knew it our children will no longer be kids but just as long as they need our caring and love they will always be our babies.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finding the Best Car Insurance

I love traveling on a car to different places that’s why I always see to it that we have the best benefits of auto insurance to ensure that no matter what happens we’re safely covered. Insurance is very important and without it your travel can be of danger to you, your family and the car itself. We love traveling as a family especially on our church camp meeting fellowship where we held our fellowship service on faraway places. We usually go to places that are quiet, serene and far from the bustling city.

We seriously spent time and money to maintain our car in good condition and be updated in our car insurance so that if anything happens we would be covered by an insurance company who would take care of all expenses. It’s just that sometimes insurance quotes are so expensive that others can’t afford it. I was pleased to know that Nlgha offers comparison of various insurance such as car insurance, health, life and home insurance from various reputable insurance companies. This is the best way to get cheap car insurance because you’ll have the ability to compare and choose the best deal available. They also have car insurance guide to help you learn the basic things needed to compare and purchase insurance for your car. After all it’s always good to know what you need to know.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Josh' School Program

Have accompanied my son Josh to their school program, no costume for this year just a red santa cap on their head. He didn't advised me what they will be doing in the program, he just told me that they will sing, no props, no costumes, no everything just their presence. I was worried that they have some little instrument or accessory to bring but there's no notes on their notebooks and not even a hint on the notice. Oh well it's ok for me just as long as Josh is happy.

Almost missed the first part but just in time for the opening prayer. As always kids were so cute in their different dresses, polo and slacks. Children are always cute for me! I always find something nice about them. The program went smoothly with much effort from their teachers who guided them in their various presentation. Oh boy they just can't seem to run out of talents-the teachers I mean! They can sing, dance and do anything just to make that their students will perform nicely, some kids are not moving though lol!
Josh' group was the last group to perform and I laughed as he sings, moves, turn around and jumps with much effort with a little winking on me as he moves, funny little boy!


Debt Consolidation Advices

Many people are burdened with too much debt that their monthly salaries are not enough to cover their monthly loan payments, let alone think of where they will get the money for their everyday expenses. I’ve been thinking what leads us to this financial situation. It must be over spending on things that are not our basic necessities.

It’s not bad to buy the things that you want just as long as you can afford it and better if you will save for it. Another thing is using many credit cards to buy unnecessary items, sometimes people have the thinking that it’s ok to splurge on a shopping spree if you’re using credit cards. Others depend on different loans like emergency loan when they need immediate cash which is good only if the need is urgent because the interest rates are usually high.

Financial crisis can enter our lives and we must be extra careful with finding solutions like avoiding getting loans from companies with high interest rates. We can consider asking help from our rich relatives or getting some advice from debt consolidation companies which offers good solution to debt problems. They will help you consolidate your credit card balances and various loans into one single loan which will enable you to recover because you’ll only be paying one low monthly payment.

Debt consolidators will negotiate your existing loans so you’ll be able to pay only what you really can afford, no pressure and no worries. Best thing also is they will give advices on proper money management, saving money and getting yourself in control of your finances. It’s really good to consolidate debt because it’s one way of getting out of bad credit reputation and you’ll soon be debt-free in two to three years. So if you want great peace of mind start calling them now at 1-888-314-1402 and consult for free.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too Busy To Drop

If you have noticed that I've failed visiting your sites for two days please bear with me as I'm too busy to drop. Having three kids is like having another job, well I have two as an employee and blogger and with my kids I can say I have a job as their teacher, assistant, cook, friend and mother. Well this week seems so full with school programs, class parties and buying items for exchange gifts and for their gifts to friends and teachers. I told myself I can fit it my ec dropping even on midnights but when the time comes for me to do my dropping and posting my eyes and body won't cooperate lol! Maybe I can do it after 2-3 days, sad I'll miss the top ec droppers on my favorite sites!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Aid In Burning Fat

There are lots of amazing stories and things that we learned each day through reading and watching. Nowadays people are more hooked on learning through internet, video and audio. Grownups and children I this generation are more visual, they like to see things in order to learn them easily. I was led to believe that success comes from learning and mastering the fundamental things about everything you want to succeed, thus the use of visual elements to help.

This is true to all walks of life in sports, education, daily living and even in health and fitness. In health, you can visualize and learn the effect of some medicines by means of browsing online on the net. I came upon Fentraphen which was believed by many to help dieting people by means of suppressing appetite and burning excess fats in our body. All these can be attained without the usual stomach upset.


Our 5th Anniversary Thanksgiving

Yesterday we celebrated our church 5th anniversary of staying in our present church location. We move in there last December 14, 2003, same date falls on a Sunday. Our present church home testified to our developing growth in striving for a more personal relationship with God. In that place of worship we've undergone a period of God's pouring of spiritual blessings opening deep revelation messages to us which filtered the true believers from the make believers.

After 5 years of staying in the 3rd floor of a very simple and old building we felt a sense of fulfillment that after the storms of life and faith we're still standing on the solid rock where our foundation is Christ Jesus. All praises are to Him.

Here are some pics after the thanksgiving message of our Pastor. We have pork lechon, cakes and pancit.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Personalized Books for our Kids

Our children are God’s most beloved gift to us. We do everything to give them the best. We work for their needs and bears life’s everyday worries knowing there are little angels who love and depend on us. There are different ways of caring and loving them, some are just normal while others are over protective. No matter what your style is, be it obvious caring or not so the most important thing is we’ll do everything with the help of God to make them happy.

As for me I add some little memorable things on special occasions. On their birthdays I always give my kids personalized cards with picture of each member of our family with personalized handwritten dedications. They really love it because it represents so much love and care. Another special gift which is truly unique is giving them personalized books which gives a perfectly personal touch. Just imagine the excitement and fascination you’ll see in your child’s eye, truly wonderful!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Amazing Blogger Award

This award was given to me by Cecil , my blogger friend whom I think is a very amazing blogger, responsible mother and wife, thanks dear! You're really a thoughtful friend remembering me and my sister Redge always! Meeting you online is great sis! Appreciate your thoughts so much!

Now I am passing this to Lainy, Gem, Yen, JennyL, Ivy, Mira, Darlene and Nita. Take it my friends for I think you're all amazing!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Walking In The Traffic

It’s been a week now that everyday traffic is very notable in the roads leading to my work. No matter how I tried I’m always caught up in the traffic jam. Well it’s not new to us living in Cainta where you have to endure non-moving minutes where vehicles sometimes stop the engine because of too much traffic. But the thing is the traffic now extends to the roads near our office in Libis so it’s like ages before you reach your destination.

I’m good in walking and I walk a lot but I was afraid sometimes that I might be tired enough to work or I might have Plantar Fasciitis due to too much standing and walking. I’m very much aware that my strength lessened when I reached 40 and besides I don’t have much exercise these past few months. Maybe I’ll just try to start earlier than usual so I can reach my office earlier too.


Christmas Spirit Award

For us Christmas is everyday, it doesn't necessarily mean that the spirit of Christmas which is love and giving should be practiced only during the holidays. We should have the spirit of Christ's love to us every hour that we're alive and healthy. Cecil gave me this wonderful award and I'd like to thank her for always remembering me, such a thoughtful friend. Thanks dear for being such a warm blogger friend!

And because it's loving and giving that we're talking of I want to pass this award to all my online blogger friends. I never thought that friendship can be developed online. Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Debt Consolidator

There are many ways on how we can get through emergency expenses and financial needs. Some resort to applying for payday loan online which I think is a little bit risky because identity thieves may hack your signature and personal information. And anyway this can also add up to your lists of debt which will lead you further to bad credit reputation if you fail to pay them all. In case this situation arises you may call 877-550-0595 for debt help. They will give you advice on money management and how you can reduce your debts.

As per my observation the biggest percentage of credits we have is on credit card debt. These I think is true because I can see it in my work, almost every employee have at least one or two credit cards. Temptation on spending beyond your limit is very high especially if you’re using credit cards. It’s so easy to spend and just think of today but the hard part is how you can pay all your purchases on the following days and months. People tend to forget the value of finance management.

Best way on how we can be relieved of our never-ending and multiple debts is through proper debt management. Consolidating debts is the most probable solution for this problem. With the help of debt consolidators we can get some tips and advices on handling our money through counseling, our debt will be reduced by 60%, enjoy lower interest rate and you’ll be thinking of one loan payment only instead of multiple payments. In few months time you’ll be debt-free and you’ll regain your good credit reputation again.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Around Us

It's my father's birthday today and even if he's not with us anymore we still want to remember him on his birthday. It's been 11 years since God has taken him to rest his body and even if it took me a long while to recover from his death I thank God that now I can hold my tears from falling when the topic is him. Know why it took me so long? I'm his favorite as what they always say because I look like him and my traits are almost same as him also.

My Mom always tells others that I took many of his talents lol! Well I've got his photographic mind, his flair for writing - he's the speech writer of our town mayor in his time, his administrative skills in office and many other things that my family knew. Some that I got from him are the small simple ways, mannerisms, the way he walks and his temper sometimes! Being a Sagittarian also just like him, and as I've said his looks particularly the eyes and lips.

Well, this will take me so many sentences and paragraphs to describe him and how I missed simple things about him but the most important thing is we really missed him in the house. Now we’re happy that God sent us a small thing to be happy because my youngest, my son Joshua resembles him so much. It reminds us of him and we thank God that now we feel he's just around the corner watching us all..


Financial Freedom Awaits

Through this entire economic crisis in our country people tend to use credit cards and apply for loans so they can survive their own financial struggle. Little did they know that the more they depend on credits the more they’re unable to manage their money wisely? Temptations will be there for people who will not be able to control their desire to spend beyond their capacity. The only solution if the debts became higher than their earnings are debt consolidation companies that helps people manage their finances and consolidate their multiple debts into one.

And there’s also good news that there are companies who provided loans through different government programs with the objective of helping people pay their multiple loans. The government debt consolidation loans are great solution in consolidating various loans into one single loan. Even students benefit from this loan and the interest rate is very low.

Aside from debt consolidation a person with too much debt can also file for bankruptcy. But one must also know how does bankruptcy work because your property can be of danger. You’ll have to sell some of your property to pay off debts and will be in a payment program depending on the amount of your debt. Financial freedom awaits those who are ready to take the challenge of financial advice on managing your finances wisely. After all it’s nice to free of debt again


:Wordless Wednesday-Paintings (Musicians)

Happy Wordless Wednesday though I'm not all wordless today (as always lol!!) This painting was taken inside the conference room in our office. I always stare at this painting everyday because I love paintings of all kinds. Guess I'll share this with you guys! I'll have another entry of paintings in My Crossroads.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shot On The Spot

I find this tag exciting because you really have to post a recent picture of yours not necessarily the prettiest but the one that's shot on the spot. The moment I saw this tag I really got so excited. This photo was taken by my daughter Gen while we're hurrying to the car on our way to our sunday fellowship in Cubao.

I just went to one side of our living room and say cheese lol! I'm always the one who shots but this time I'm the one who pose for a shot. I asked Gen to be firm and good in taking my shot coz I usually don't look good in pictures lol! excuses :-)

This tag by the way came from Cecil, a blogger friend dear to me and my sis Redge. She tagged us both. Anyway this is really nice and I want to pass this to my blogger friends JennyL, Yen, Emzkie, Tere, Darlene, JennyR, Ivy, Lainy, Nita and new friend Fat.

Here's the rules:

1. Take a picture of yourself right now! (the moment you read this tag)
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair, just take a picture.
3. Post that picture without editing.
4. Post these instructions with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do this. And don't forget to leave them a message about the tag.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Save Energy!

Due to road widening in our place our electric meter’s glass cover was accidentally broken during the demolition of commercial space near our house. It was our meter many years back and we’re so glad that it’s a mechanical meter not the new digital meter being imposed by the current provider of electricity. When Meralco knew about this they replaced our old broken meter with their new digital meter.

This changing of meter alarmed us because I’ve heard stories of sudden increase of meter reading due to new digital meters. True enough our usage or watts consumed has increased by 20% and when we requested for a mechanical meter they said that they will phase that kind of meter so they will not be able to grant our request. As there’s no point in arguing with them we just thought of solutions on how we can minimize our consumption so I look for energy efficient lights and appliances that will help us save energy and money.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

:Today's Flowers #18

This poinsettia was given by Leah, our tenant for so many years and has grown closer to us especially to my Mom. Our tenants know that my Mom loves plants and flowers so when they see nice plants and flowers they love to bring them to my Mom.

Poinsettia was commonly known as the Christmas flower with fiddle-shaped leaves and terminal right red flowers in clusters. They have a variety of pink flowers too! If eaten these flowers can sometimes cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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