Thursday, April 16, 2015

Five Attributes of Great Philanthropists

There have been many great philanthropists throughout the history of the country, and when you look back at them all, it is apparent that they all of them have certain characteristics in common. The following are five of these characteristics.

Philanthropists often begin as entrepreneurs

Philanthropists accumulate great wealth during their lifetime, and they often start with very little wealth in their family. Although they were not necessarily poor, they began life with much less wealth than they accumulated.

Philanthropists believe in giving back

Often the philanthropist, who has achieved great wealth, understands that he or she has been fortunate. Although hard work was a large component of their success, there are many people who helped the entrepreneur succeed in life. Now, during retirement years, the philanthropist has a strong desire to give back and become one of those important people who can help young people succeed the same way he or she was able to succeed.

Philanthropists have strong beliefs

Sometimes these beliefs are religious, while with other entrepreneurs it is simply beliefs they have had throughout their lives. During the course of their wealth building, they have certain core beliefs that have sustained them and have been integral to the success they have achieved in life. These beliefs manifest themselves in the way they give their wealth away. One common belief among philanthropists is a strong belief in education. Philanthropists usually devote some of their gifts to one or more areas of education.

Philanthropists take an active role in gift giving

This would seem like something obvious, but the truth is that many foundations have a staff that looks after the investments and reviews applications for grants. The great philanthropists will take an active role in deciding how the money is granted, and who specifically will get the money. This is consistent with the strong beliefs that great philanthropists have. They want to make sure their money is going to a cause that is a part of their beliefs.

Philanthropists have a focus on the grants they provide

Some philanthropists will have a single area that their wealth is focused on, while others may have two or three. Seldom will you see a great philanthropist spread his or her donations around too thinly. There is an attempt to get the most out of the grant money. Philanthropists see these gifts as an investment in which the returns are measured, not in dollars, but in an increase in benefit to society.

There are many examples of great philanthropists in history as well as a few that are alive today. One example of a great philanthropist today is Robert Rosenkranz, who provides funding for many projects through his Rosenkranz Foundation.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

3 Easy Ways to Redecorate Your Living Room

If you don't have the time or energy for an extensive remodel, it can be difficult to browse Home and Garden articles about changing your interior design. The good news, however, is that you don't have to break the bank in order to shake things up with your interior design. Here are just three tips for a newer, fresher living room.

1. Paint the Walls

You can change the entire atmosphere of the room with a fresh coat of paint. Whites can become whiter; colors can become bigger and bolder. Best of all, if you don't like what it turns out to be, you can easily change it once again.

2. Modify Your Seating Arrangements

If you have a couch, replace it with a loveseat. If you have armchairs, rearrange them around a new centerpiece in the room. By changing how you see and interact with guests, you'll feel like you're in a whole different home.

3. Buy New Table Lamps

Table lamps come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so they're an easy way to add personality to your living room. You can also look for things like Tiffany stained glass table lamps if you want elegance as well as beauty.

These are just three ways to breathe new life into your living room. If you're ready for something fresh but uninterested in spending thousands of dollars on a remodel, these tips can help you make a positive and affordable change.


Metal Makes Some Unique Photographic Experiences

Digital photography is one of the more popular and rewarding hobbies around. The arrival of the smartphone has put picture taking into the hands of just about everyone. Advances in technology have led to the development of some truly unique gift items aside from the traditional photograph. With options available from pins to blankets to coffee mugs and more, one of the more interesting items available is the metal print. Besides being a totally unique method of receiving a digital photograph, metal prints make great conversation pieces and are available in several sizes.

Unique Photos

Having a memory forever attached to a piece of metal is one of the more interesting methods of keeping the moment alive. Instead of being banished to a photo album or stored on a hard drive, the metal picture can be easily displayed in any number of locations. After all, putting those great moments on the wall is one of the simplest pleasures life has to offer.

Striking Up a Conversation

One of the best parts about photography is that the images can bring several different subjects to life. Everything from a fabulous sunset to a family vacation jumps to life and inspires the person doing the evaluating. Once the questions begin, the friendly conversations start to develop. Perhaps family will talk about a great moment or visitors will notice a unique aspect of the photo, but with the unique medium of metal, everyone will notice the nature of the photo.

Different Sizes

Perhaps the greatest aspect of photography is the customizable nature of the hobby. Since metal printed photographs can not necessarily be trimmed, they are ordered in one of the dozens of different sizes available. Potential buyers simply need to size up the wall or available space before placing an order, and with easy to hang or stand features, the metal photographs make for easy to use display pieces. In the end, the variations and style of personalized photo gifts and keepsakes are truly staggering. 

Metal printed pictures are picking up steam thanks to the unique experiences they offer and the great customizable sizes available. By offering up one a truly unique way to experience a photograph, the technology is one of the hottest in the industry. The cost effective and permanent nature of the products makes sure the most important memories or most unique images are experienced for generations.


Monday, April 6, 2015

Safety While On The Floor

The safety of employees at a business is the highest priority for most managers. One of the ways that employees can stay safe at work is by standing on mats. There are several kinds of safety matting that can be purchased depending on the kind of business. 

Restaurants often see a large number of mats in the business. They are usually placed in the kitchen area to prevent falls while preparing meals. The floor might get slippery from grease or other liquids that are spilled. Most of the mats in kitchens have holes in them to allow for drainage. They are also thicker to give plenty of support for the feet and back. Those who push carts in and out of the cushion will find that beveled mats are better than those that don't have the lower edges.

Non-slip mats in a warehouse make it easier for those who stand in one area all day. They create a safer environment for those who work with heavy objects so that the feet don't move while working. There are mats for those who stand behind cash registers while at work and mats for those who work near swimming pools. When you purchase safety mats, you need to think about the person who is working in the area as some employees might need more support than others because of their gender or health issues that might be a factor on the job.


Monday, March 30, 2015

Home HVAC System for your Convenience

During a hot summer or a cold winter, there is nothing more important to your comfort and survival than your home HVAC system. However, HVAC systems are machines. Like all other machines, they are going to break down from time to time. If you are in need of immediate northern Virginia HVAC repair, finding an experienced and honest HVAC technician to repair your system is vital. Unfortunately, all HVAC repair companies are not the same. Some are much better than others. Do not make the mistake of calling the first company you see listed in the phone book. A decision this important deserves some thorough research on your part. Here are some ways to go about finding a good HVAC repair company.

1. Read some reviews online

The Internet is incredibly useful for a multitude of tasks. Nowadays, you can find anything under the sun online. This includes a good HVAC repair company. There are a large amount of websites that provide detailed customer reviews of contractors and repair companies. These reviews are brutally honest and incredibly helpful. Take some time and read all of the reviews for the HVAC repair companies that are located in your area. You can then start to form some opinions about what companies to call and which ones to avoid at all costs.

2. Consult people who you respect

You most likely have people in your life whose opinions you value. If this is the case, ask these people if they know of any HVAC repair companies they can recommend to you. These people do not get anything out of recommending a specific company to you, so you can be certain that their motives are pure. Talk to people in your family, friends, neighbors and people you work with. Between all of these people, the odds are pretty good that you will be able to come away with the names of a few companies.

3. Research the companies

Once you have accumulated a list of company names, narrow down this list by finding out some important information about them. For starters, how long have these companies been repairing HVAC systems? Ideally, you want to hire a company that has been doing it for at least a few years. Are they licensed and insured? Make sure they have a license to perform HVAC repairs in your state. The insurance is important in case they are responsible for damaging your property.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Three Attributes of an Outstanding Hotel Manager

If you have already completed your education in hotel management and are now working full time in the industry, you may be in the process of discovering what it takes to be a good hotel manager. Of course, the best place to get this information is by simply looking at those who have been successful hotel managers. These men and women have several characteristics in common, and the following are a few of the most important ones.

They pay attention to details Because the hotel industry is focused on customer service, it is the details of the day to day operation that can make the difference between a satisfied or unsatisfied customer. It can make the difference between a good or bad experience for each person staying at your hotel. This is true because every customer is going to be slightly different. What bothers one person may not bother another. The expectations that one individual has is likely different from the next. For example, if a customer values fast room service above all else but experiences extremely slow room service, the entire time spent at the hotel may be ruined, and this will hold true regardless of how well other aspects of the hotel’s service was. Detail oriented hotel managers attempt to make every aspect of a customer’s stay at the hotel to be equal to or exceed their expectations.

They have the ability to adapt to change Great managers have a policy that every employee should stick to; however, there will be moments when a manager must adapt. Changes to policy may need to be made at a moment’s notice to please a customer. Although not all customers can be accommodated in this way, some need to be, and it is up to a good hotel manager to know when to adapt to changing customer needs and when to stick with hotel policy. Adapting to customer demands is only one area of flexibility a manager must have. There will also be problems that will happen with hotel employees that can create temporary problems. A manager must be flexible and be innovative with solutions when these situations occur.

They stay on top of technological changes The hotel industry is not immune from changes in technology, so a good manager must be able to stay abreast of the latest technology that applies to the hotel business. Some of this may be directly related to equipment and software used by the hotels for booking and processing customer billing. Other technology will relate to equipment used by hotels such as door locks and Wi-Fi systems. In fact, much of the technological change seen in the hotel industry is customer driven, so part of staying in touch with technology is listening to your customers.

There are many successful hotel managers, such as Sid Vaikunta, to look at as role models for success.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Better Meeting Sessions

If you have ever held a conference or meeting through telecommute then you know that getting your numbers of attendees is a necessary evil. Since not everyone will participate enough to show numbers of members in the meeting will help you keep track of your attendees and gives you options to utilize such as 6 different surveys geared to be given pre-meeting or post-meeting.

Understanding your clients and employees needs

To better understand your clients needs or your employees concerns meeting metrics has several options to choose from to help you gain information and data about your meetings and how effective they are for your business. Their ROI surveys will tell you the benefits associated with your meeting and also give you a break down of the cost of your meeting. This is valuable information when it comes to scheduling another meeting for the future.

Real time data

With Meeting Metrics you are getting real time data that could help you advance and develop a better meeting session. It also helps you to budget for your next meeting by giving you the cost of the meeting and the attendance records and expectations from the clients or employees that attended.

Meeting Metrics is a great resource to have for your next meeting or conference. Why not utilize a proven program to maximize profits and employee participation in meetings.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Staying Safe In Bed

Bed rails are ideal for those who are elderly and need to stay in a bed for safety issues or for those who are confined to a bed because of an injury or illness. There are various kinds of bed rails to purchase. Some of them are secured to the bed and don’t move while others swing away from the bed to make it easier for the person to get out. These are something to look into for someone who is able to get up and down with limited help. 

A benefit of a bed rail is that it can help provide safety for someone who doesn’t need to be walking in the home alone. They provide the support that someone needs to get out of bed so that they don’t fall. If you are caring for someone, bed rails are a way for you to have the stability needed to help them get up instead of relying solely on your legs and back for the strength to move them. The rails can give an independence for those who feel like they are confined to a bed all day and night since it does help them get up and down. Learn more here about types of rails.


Achieving Goals in Life

After years of perseverance and dedication in achieving his education goal DH is finally graduating this April with exemplary grades. He finally finished his degree in Secondary Education and hopes to teach this coming school year. We’re so proud of him and so his elder sister who contributed to making his dream comes true. She helped in financing his studies from Electronics Associate to a bachelor’s degree in Education. 

Now she’s very proud that her little brother has his earned degree at his 40s. He proved that age doesn’t matter when it comes to fulfilling your goals and dreams in life. We’re very happy and proud of him and thinking of some nice gift for him like the class ring I saw online or his favorite accessory perhaps. Anyway he’s not expecting anything from me as he told me that supporting him on his years of studies is enough for him. Well I still want to give him something special for his big day.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Natural Light

One of the ways to add beauty and light to the home is by adding skylights. These are lights that are placed in the ceiling, and they can be added to any room of the home. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they are easy to install. Skylights are a way to cut down on the electric bill. When there is natural light shining into the room, then you won’t need to have the electric lights on, reducing the amount of energy that you use. 

These lights provide an ambience that you won’t get from an artificial light. You can see the moon and stars during the day or watch as the rain falls on the glass. They allow rays of sunshine to flow inside the room, improving the mood of anyone in the room as there is sunlight instead of a light bulb. The sun’s rays will give almost a chandelier effect in the room as they glisten off the floor and walls. When it’s too hot or cold to go outside, you will still have part of the outdoors with you with the skylight. Another benefit is that the colors of the furniture and decorations in the home will be seen in a natural way instead of being shrouded by shadows and yellow bulbs. Click here to see pictures of skylights.


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