Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Kids on Learning Keyboard and Guitar

Josh has just finished his first month of keyboard lessons last week and I can see that he really enjoys this music lesson so much just like his drums lessons when he was 7 years old. After his school classes he would do his academic assignment and pick on his keyboard the rest of his free time. Even if they were only taught the basic keys he shows advanced learning these days. He’s trying out some simple music pieces on his book and from my chair I can hear the good tunes of his playing. 

Music is really best to learn when young because children adapt better and learns faster more than we can imagine. Gen proved this one as she plays the guitar beautifully even she didn’t had any formal schooling on guitar playing. She loves guitar and just started strumming and after some time we hear her playing beautiful music which the three of them offered to church testimony. Now she wish that I will buy her accessories necessary for any guitar player and told me she would be happy having those.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Make Your Workers Look Sharper with Restaurant Uniforms

There are a few things that diners look at when sitting in a restaurant. They check the cleanliness of the dining room, the type of foods on the menu and how the waitstaff looks and acts. When your waitstaff wear torn jeans, dirty shirts and mismatched clothing, you can rest assured that some of your diners will make their first visit their last. Giving your workers new clothing has a number of benefits. 

New Uniform Benefits 

Giving your workers matching uniforms increases the professionalism of your restaurant. It makes your diners feel more comfortable and makes your workers feel like you care about increasing profits and helping them get more tips. Those uniforms can also help you identify different types of workers and what each worker does. You can outfit your line cooks in different clothing than you do your waiters, and give your managers more professional looking clothing as well. 

Type of Restaurant Uniforms 

You'll find every type of restaurant uniform imaginable online. Aprons let your waiters and waitresses have enough space to carry their order forms, extra pens and any other items they need, and those aprons will also keep the clothing underneath clean and free from stains. Kitchen uniforms let you choose different chef jackets for your head chefs, line cooks and other types of cooks, and you'll also find dozens of outfits suitable for both your front and back of the house employees. Check with Averill's Sharper Uniforms and other sites before you order today.


Make Boating Easier with a Side Mount Lift

Boaters like to say that the happiest moments in their lives came when they bought their first boats. As a boating enthusiast, you love the freedom that comes from owning your own vehicle. Instead of borrowing one from a family member or friend or renting one from a shop, you can hook it up to the back of your truck and hit the lake or ocean whenever you want. Traditional lifts are a great option when you have more space available, but a side mount lift is a better option for smaller spaces. 

What is a Side Mount Lift? 

A traditional lift features a large metal or plastic piece that slides underneath your boat and lets you move it into the water from the front or back. A side mount lift slides underneath the longer side of the boat. It lets you drop your boat right from the back of your truck or the dock into the water when you have less space. These lifts are a great way to transport a boat into the water when you share a dock with another person or if you have limited space. 

How Much Does a Lift Cost? 

The prices charged for side mount boat lifts range from around $3,000 to closer to $6,000, which is a little cheaper than the prices charged for traditional lifts. Lifts that can handle more weight generally cost a little more than those designed for lightweight boats. Check sites such as Lunmar Boat Lifts to get an accurate price.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Travel, Vacation and Homestay

We love traveling and staying on some place to have vacation and enjoy some days off from work. If we want to have a family vacation we plan ahead of time say at least several months or a year to complete our budget for hotel, transport and food. Well if you really want to enjoy your life you must refrain from working all year round, at least spare a week or two for a family bonding vacation.

Since the cost of staying in hotels is very expensive we should consider some options in order to cut expenses and enjoy more days of stay without spending too much. One of these options is homestay where you will stay in private homeowners’ place for a couple of days, weeks or even months. Compared to hotels they offer cheaper rates everyone can afford.

As they’re private individuals they provide varied setups and accommodations depending on their resources. Some offer room with meals and internet connection just like hotels. Oftentimes it feels more comfortable staying on private homes as they have personal dealings with clients and has some other services as well.

This is not only advisable for travelers and vacationers but for students also. When you want to study abroad and can’t afford staying on expensive hotels and dormitories you can search for homestay that will not only give you nice shelter and good accommodation but fit your budgetary allowance as well. Staying on these affordable private homes will give your vacation, travel and study a relaxing thought to ponder upon. In many countries now homestay has become the most widely sought accommodation for guests and students. 

So if you are a student or a guest and you need to find a place to stay you can search for homestay host that can provide place and services. accept homestay host and offers advertisements for guests in Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan. Private homeowners need not worry about paying big commission to agents and guests will have an easy way of looking for good homestay with the help of Homestayin. For guests from other parts of the globe like America, Europe and Oceania they provide and carry out marketing activities for them.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Furniture for your Dining Room

Many people take pride in their homes and interior design is one way to improve the look of your rooms and add your personal stamp. If you own your own home, it is easy to decorate it and many people do this on a regular basis so change things up and improve the look and ambiance. 

If you rent, then you may still be allowed to redecorate but you would need to seek permission from your landlord, and you may still have to pay for these costs. 

A kitchen is often the heart of any home. It is where people gather for meals and chat about their days. Cooking and baking is done here and quality time spent with loved ones. Some people have kitchen diners where the dining room and kitchen are in one room.

Buying the right furniture for your dining room is important as it’s a room where you will spend every evening having your meal. There are many different dining tables and chairs to choose from and its up to your personal taste to decide which best suits your room d├ęcor. Some rooms are more traditional looking, while others are contemporary, so the furniture needs to match the existing style in order to compliment well.

Shabby chic is a term for vintage style furniture and is becoming more and more popular. If you are after a shabby chic dining table, there are many places to look when purchasing one. The obvious place is online as there is so much choice and it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for, but you can also look in vintage shops and furniture stores. There are different benefits to shopping in each. 

Online shopping is easy and convenient and can also be quick. With affordable prices, it should be simple to find exactly what you are looking for and you can even get your order delivered directly to your front door, which is ideal if you have a hectic lifestyle or do not own a car to transport goods home from a store. Buying in store allows you to see and touch furniture in person though, and get a good idea of the style, size and condition. 

Be sure to compare prices when buying any type of furniture as there may be a better deal to be had elsewhere. Make sure to measure your dining room at home so you do not purchase a table that is too large or too small as it may look odd. Having a table that is too large will make a room look tiny. Some tables come with extension pieces to allow you to make them bigger when the need arises. There are great ways to accessorise tables with table cloths, candles, cutlery and plates, vases and many other items, so look into these to create that finishing touch to your room.

Sourcing and installing the perfect pieces can turn a good-looking room into a great-looking room. Think carefully about the effect you want the room to have on visitors and whether it’s the kind of room you’d actually want to live in and use every day – this will help guide your choices.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Add Tree Wall Stickers to Your Little One’s Jungle

My 5 year old kid was constantly insisting on some unique and out of the box for his wall. He loves cartoons and a lot of graphics, so this year we had planned to add tree wall stickers to his walls. We had myriads of options to pick from, but finally came up with a cherry blossom sticker. The cherry blossom sticker was pink, with subtler shades and it definitely made our little princess smile. So, if you to want your little one to smile and giggle with her wonderful wall art, try some unique like the tree wall stickers. Tree wall decals are nice for home, and are also a perfect fit for business areas or publish places.

All our dreams tree in our living room

Inspired by our kiddo, we planned to get an all our dreams tree in our living room. This was definitely a pretty viable idea, as it now makes our living room appear all chic and trendy. Our wall is light chocolate in color, so the tree wall stickers from perfectly complemented it. In this all our dreams all sticker, our wall is now beset with a stunningly beautiful tree with dark brown branches and subtle green leaves. Right beside the tree art, we have a few birds flying away. So, if you to want your dreams to soar high try out the stickers, just as we did.

We also had another stunning option for the tree wall stickers. But, as our wall is of lighter shade we did not opt for it. Well, this is none other than an autumn birch tree sticker. This sticker is not only impeccable in design but it is also extremely elegant. Whether it is your living room or bedroom, these autumnal stickers will surely meet your purpose. In this sticker, there’s an autumnal birch tree with white branches and green leaves. The entire background is dark, giving it a night like ambiance. So, if you want to add a hint of elegance to your living room, these tree wall stickers or blossoms wall decals can be the best bid.

Birch wood tree in our bedroom

Well, you might be, knowing by now, how fond I am of birch trees. Yes! I am absolutely enthralled with the sight for a stunning Birch tree. So, this year, I wanted to innovate and improvise my bedroom with some innovative variants of this tree. While making my pick from the various tree wall stickers, I came across the simple birch wood sticker. This sticker perfectly complemented my blue bedroom walls. The tree is white and has its branches spread, adding an aesthetic appeal.

Another option that I came across is the vintage birch wall sticker. This sticker comes with gray birch branches and small gifts hanging from the branches. The entire sight is aesthetic and elegant. In fact, it is indeed very visually enticing. I loved the way; this sticker would complement any wall. However, it would look best on white and off white walls. Due to this reason, I adhered to my option with the simple birch wood sticker for my bedroom. These tree wall stickers are impeccable and stunningly elegant. 

Olive tree with birds’ sticker

My friend has extremely light moss colored walls and so, I suggested her Olive tree with birds, tree wall sticker. These stickers aptly complemented her bedroom and she finally thanked me for my perfect choice. The Olive tree with birds is a simple sticker with two olive branches on both sides and birds flying along the trees. This is indeed an amazing site which is absolutely enthralling and enticing to watch. These tree wall stickers personify elegance and so they are indeed very loved and craved for.

All in all, I would definitely suggest everyone to try out these unique and absolutely innovative tree wall stickers. These wall stickers added a hint of innovation to my home and it would do the same to your homes as well. All that you need to do is browse online for the best variants of these stickers. I came across myriads of options, yet, I choose the one which perfectly complemented my home walls. As an addendum, these stickers are also available in the most lucrative and viable rates. So, you too can do the same and enjoy a stunning wall art in your abode.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Keeping It Cool

When it's just as hot inside the home as it is outside, a company specializing in AC repair in Pittsburgh can help. The best thing about an AC repair company is that it doesn't matter what size unit you have. Someone can come out to examine a window unit or an outdoor unit that you use for central air. There are numerous things that the company can do to try to repair the unit so that you don't have to spend money on something new. 

All of the fuses to the unit will be checked, and the Freon in the system will be looked at to make sure it's an the right level. The wires will be examined, especially if the unit has been struck by lightening, to ensure that they haven't been burned. All of the vents will be looked at to see that they are clear of debris. Some outside units can have leaves and grass built up on the outside, preventing them from running properly. An AC repair service makes it easy to check out what might be wrong with the unit without taking it to the business. Most companies can repair the unit at your home.


The Blessing of Being a Mother

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Ah the blessings of being a Mom, I really can't count them all in my hands because it would take me another set.  It's in the little things that I do for my kids that I find happiness.  At times I can't find a time to even comb my hair or find a quiet time to do my personal things because all of it are occupied by the things that I need to do for the little ones.  Or forget to think of my own whims when I find something that I know they will like if I buy, well that's being a Mom and I didn't actually realized that earlier.  

Now as I'm having some moments to think of my life I felt the wave of contentment splashing down on me filling me up with so much love I can't control and I can't explain.  This is probably what my Mom always feels when she takes care of us, when she's cooking a special dinner for us or when she's taking care of her grandkids.  Well God has blessed us Moms with wonderful things that money can't buy and I'm so thankful that I'm a mother.


Making Your Work Stand Out

When you need help with a PowerPoint presentation, you can use the assistance from an online company. Whether you know only the basics of how to create a display or all of the effects that can be added, there is always something more to learn that can help make your presentation stand out from the rest. The first thing that an online company can help with is getting the perfect title on each slide. There are ways that you can get around not having a title and only putting pictures or words on some slides. Most companies have templates that you can use for your presentation. This might be something to consider if you are pressed for time or only need something basic. 

However, if you need something that is customized, you can use a basic template design and add your own spin on the details. The company can give suggestions on what pictures to add, graphs that you can use and animations that can be added to the presentation. Help received from a company that helps with PowerPoint presentations could mean the difference between a boring display and one that will blow the minds of those who view your work.


Friday, July 25, 2014

My Future Musician

My daughter was assigned as the instrumentalist for their presentation and though she’s excited about it she suddenly felt bad because just recently her guitar has broken into two pieces. Someone used it and didn’t place it on its case so when sudden gusts of wind seep through the curtains her guitar fell to the ground. Of course she was devastated to see her favorite music instrument in broken form and even if her daddy repaired it already it was never the same as before. 

She was just lucky that her cousin has a spare guitar to lend her and told her she can use it as long as she want because she’s too busy to play. Now Gen is happy to have a guitar once again which she can use to practice her musical pieces and to use in their school performance. Her happiness prompted her to browse online for new acoustic guitar and to search for some accessories also like music books, pick and gc. She’s a very interested promising instrumentalist and from the looks of it she’s going to be a very good musician. I hope she can use it in our church’ praise and worship.


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