Thursday, February 17, 2022

Plan Your Way to a Debt-Free Life

With the onset of the health crisis around the globe comes the struggle in the economy of most countries. As the economy affects business and the consumers a great percentage of the consumers applied as much loan as they can get just to get through these hard times. These loans became long standing debts that ballooned into an amount that is harder to pay because of the interest. Debts stemmed from expenses that we could not include in our monthly budget like home repairs, car maintenance, emergency hospital bills, sudden death in the family, educational expenses and some other unavoidable costs that may arise in our everyday living. As all of these necessities are part of our daily lives we have to deal with these even if it means borrowing money from any available lenders. 

Most of the debts nowadays come through credit cards as they are the most convenient and readily available channel that we can get easy cash and can be used for all purchases that we may need for our home and personal needs. The problem from having various credit cards is that we tend to spend more than we need and with a big enormous credit line it’s just so easy to get as much items even if some are not necessities. Soon this will become a problem as we may not be able to deal with the billing statement from the bank creditors. 

The real problems begins when our monthly payments for our debts takes up more than half of our monthly income. This happens to most people and I’m pretty sure that it’s the cause of anxiety and stress for most people with big debts. With this is mind there are things that we can do to settle our debts and bring our finances to good standing.

1. Analyzing Your Financial Situation and Comparing Expenses Against Your Income. We should study about the portions that we should allot for all our expenses. Remember the Spending Plan Pie Chart that we learned from school where we divide 100% to all our expense categories like Housing, Transportation, Living Expenses, Savings, Debt, Insurance, Education, Utilities and Other Miscellaneous Expenses. Percentage depends on your status in life, your needs and priorities. 

If you’re renting or paying for your home mortgage you should allot the right amount for it but if you already own your house you can just plan some amount for repairs and maintenance. If you have children who are still studying you should put adequate percentage for tuition fees and other school fees. Same goes for other categories and it varies depending on the size of the family and the monthly income. 

2. Setting Priorities. We should set our priorities and make a list of our basic necessities and the things that we want to buy if we have extra budget. This way we can easily budget our expenses in the right perspective and eliminate unnecessary expenses that will burden our spending plan. 

3. Knowing the Origin of Your Debt. Analyze where your debt comes from. Are you burdening yourself with high interest from lending institutions? Or do you have too many credit cards that entices you to buy unnecessary luxury items. Debts can come from house and car mortgages too and you should analyze if your debts should be managed properly to avoid high interest. You can read and visit some financial sites to view more  ideas on these things. 

4. Organizing Your Debt and Setting Up Goals to Achieve Lower Debts. Make a list of all your debts and try to learn more from some financial experts on how you can consolidate your debts to lower monthly payments. Debt consolidation is a good start to organizing your debt as it merges your multiple debts into a single debt which will allow you to pay only one bill and think of one monthly deadline with lower monthly payments as well. 

It takes not only money to reduce your debt but good planning ideas as well. Planning comes easy if you have someone who can assist you on your debt consolidation needs. Click here  for guidance on setting up your goals on reducing your debt and try to learn about the pros and cons to fully understand what you’re getting into. They offer fast money solution to get personal loans from a nation-wide marketplace of lenders and lending partners. Funds will be deposited directly to your bank account and you can pay all your debts instantly reducing your various debts to only one debt which you can manage easily. 

So think about this opportunity as a better way to unload your financial anxiety and stress and make your first step to a debt-free life.


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Safeguarding Human Life

Health is wealth and I attest that it is so true. With the ongoing situation happening worldwide, health is definitely the most important thing. Nowadays people are very much concerned with a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and keeping their body in the best condition. Almost everyone is anxious about taking plenty of vitamins, eating the right stuff and getting enough sleep just to make sure that they will be able to fight the current prevailing pandemic. We need to be cautious about our physical wellbeing because it will not only make you fit and strong, but you’ll also have a high immune system as well. 

Aside from being physically healthy, we should also follow health protocols from government agencies which require us to wear a mask and a face shield when going out and when reporting to work places. It’s very important to follow these guidelines to prevent exposure and chances of spreading viruses. For health care professionals and staff designated to give medical services, it’s essential to wear high quality Personal Protective Equipment like Isolation Gowns or Protective Medical Gown to make sure that everyone is safe, both the patient and the medical team. The PPE Gowns will serve as the protection to prevent exposure and spreading of viruses.

As safety is our concern, we must secure our PPE Gowns online from providers that ensure high quality equipment like that of Microscope International which offers a wide variety of PPE gowns that are waterproof, breathable, dust-proof, antibacterial and meet level 2 standards which are just perfect for healthcare. The Europe-made gowns are FDA, CE, or 510K registered and approved, so you don’t have to worry about safety. They also offer essential tools, laboratory instruments and supplies essential to a medical and scientific group. So if you’re going to need all these protective items for your home, office and health usage, don’t forget to order it from a reliable source like Microscope International.


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Ways to Enjoy Life with Fun Online Games and Hobbies

Everyone has their own share of happy childhood memories of fun games and outdoor activities that they’ve grown so fond of. It’s something that they had in their younger years when games ruled out their weekends and school breaks. Everyone experienced being young and energetic that they sought certain hobbies that would keep them entertained. Be it playing ball or board games, singing, dancing, cooking, drawing, sports, and outdoor activities, it always keeps their minds preoccupied and refreshed from the usual routine and boring activities. It also kept them thrilled and enthusiastic. Even to the grown-up individuals they still need to have some sports or hobbies to beat the stress of the daily bustle of life. 

In my early childhood with my big brother, little sister and plenty of cousins around me, we played all sorts of games that did not require many toys and gadgets. In the province back then we played ball games in the field, climbed trees, played water sports in the river, tumbled in the grass, rode horses at the sides, played hide and seek and just enjoyed everything offered by nature. At home we played scrabble, rubber bands, cards and riddle games that kept us awake at night even if our elders were telling us to sleep early. Even when we moved to my father’s hometown near the entrance of the city, life was still simple and games were still the natural kinds where children just play whatever games they want out in the streets just before dinnertime. 

Life became different when technology started to unfold where children started playing the Family Computer, who didn’t know the very famous Super Mario Bros. game. My best friend has even stuffed Super Mario toys which she adores so much. I actually played it with her in their home together with that handheld game consoles which get us so excited, actually not only us but adults as well. I particularly loved playing Pac-Man, a maze action game where the player controls a dot-eating Pac-Man inside an enclosed maze while avoiding ghosts to keep his life. Pac-Man should eat power pellets for him to eat the ghosts to have bonus points and a bonus life too. You need to be fast and alert, or you’ll be eaten by ghosts. Just thinking of it made me smile. I started playing blocks and learned to love Tetris, where I need to complete lines by moving differently shaped pieces. These games are super entertaining for me because my mind gets so focused while my heart is excitedly controlling my hand.  

As years gone by these games were played on desktop computers where online games became so exciting like playing Mystery Case Files where the player plays Master Detective for the hidden object puzzles and must find a certain number of items hidden somewhere on a painted scene. It became popular with the working individuals where we spent our lunch breaks trying to finish those puzzles. It’s also the time when cellular phones entered the gaming world, and people played Snake, Solitaire, block games like Tetris, board games like Scrabble and Chess, and for those who want speed they played running cars. 

Life is so happy with games you can play with; it can relieve stress, make you competitive or just beat your boredom. A few years back I became so engrossed in Candy Crush that I would play every break time I had at work. It became so popular that even celebrities would buy virtual goods to move to a higher level. Hobbies and games are the same in a way that it fills up your spare time, makes you excited and definitely makes a person enjoy life as it is. I have so many hobbies of my own like cooking, calligraphy, photography, gardening, watching movies and, of course, baking with my daughter Ruthie, but I make my hobbies and online games balanced with my life and work. 

Until now, online games still amaze me, especially those mind-blowing games like Word Tetris, Four Pics 1 Word and Wordscapes which stimulates my mind so much. From time to time I visit new sites that offer new exciting games, especially when the pandemic hits the globe and makes us sad whenever someone we love passes away. Playing games brings us respite from feeling lonely like the games I chanced upon on, I played some Arcade classics like Tetra Blocks, and my kid played the educational game Zombie Typing where you have to fight off waves of zombies by correctly typing words, so if you miss one word, they will quickly come to you. The game made him jump in his seat and made him type as fast as he could. 

Just now I tried a very intriguing game because it’s what every person talk about now but not the scary virus but an enjoyable game, The Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game, a hospital simulation game where the player should disinfect every place where the virus goes to. The virus should be eliminated, so it will not spread. I really enjoyed it how the virus would suddenly appear one by one, and I would have to disinfect all of them. You have to be alert and fast, so you won’t reach the 70% infection rate, or the game will be over hahaha. It feels like a kid for a time being. 

That’s what games can do to a person, you’ll feel young again. I promised myself to try out some new games again if I have more free times, so I will forever feel young and excited. Try it, guys, you’ll love it.


Monday, May 3, 2021

My Blogging Journey, 14 Years and Counting

Since I was in school I have a passion in writing and I used to write short poems and kept it tucked in my diary for my own satisfaction. My love for writing has helped me to excel in technical writing and in my early years of working I was able to use it in doing Technical Proposals. 

I began my blogging journey when my best friend introduced me to her world. She’s a digiscrapper then and her friends taught her how to earn online through writing posts on a journal. She thought that blogging would be perfect for me as I’m fond of writing since we were in high school. I already have 3 small kids at that time and I love writing a journal about their progress in life. When I first heard and learned about it my heart fluttered because it would be really great to continue my passion for writing and earn at the same time. 

I started fourteen years ago in April of 2007 making my first blog in a free hosted blog platform, just writing my life’s journey, my family and inspirational messages. It felt so nice doing what I love most every night after my office work. I used a pen name for writing to separate my corporate to my virtual life. I became Race in my online world and started writing in Race Corner, my first ever blog where I shared my life, my family and everything about home. Then I was inspired to create my second blog, A Beautiful Life, a blog where I shared Christian thoughts and messages to inspire my readers about the beauty of life through faith in God. 

During my first three months of blogging I began dreaming of having my own personal domain and started this blog, Moments of My Life, where I fully embraced my online world and blogging. I thought that I could do more, inspire more, share more and influence more by writing real talk about daily moments of my life as a working mom. 

Blogging has totally transformed my life because I became a real writer and began earning extra bucks as well. I want to share a glimpse of my first post on this blog sharing a picture of my beautiful family and also the moment that I finally bought my personal domain, my own name actually which gave me so much excitement. 

Online writing has made a way for me to use every skill I have to maintain my blog sites because it’s not enough that you have good writing ideas as you also need to use computer and photography skills for images on your post. You should also know how to drive visitors and readers to your sites. Blog sites should have frequent visitors on their sites to maintain the blog’s rank. 

On early days of blogging we have Entrecard and EC drop, I know most bloggers in the last decade knows this, where we visit each other and drop our entrecard in the form of customized widget. It’s one way of strengthening our Alexa ranks and in the process we got to meet online friends from all over the world. Most of them became really close friends until now. It was really fun and engaging but time consuming as well because you have to open hundred sites to support others and have your own fair share of visitors. 

We have other ways of building readership like tagging and exchanging links where your link will be placed on other blogs and vice versa. We also have plenty of blog meme where you answer questions and tag your friend to post in her own blog and pass to other bloggers. This meme also serve as personal filler posts in between paid posts. 

When your blogs have established visitors and increased page domain authority, page rank and Alexa you can apply for opportunities on various paid blogging sites and finally be able to monetize your blog. I created various blogs for different niches; business, home, technology, shopping, health and learn about SEO as well. 

Compensation is really great, you just need to write reviews on products or write articles about certain topics. Payment depends on the number of words, links to attach, page authority and page rank. Some of my blogs got PR3 and PR2 but others only reached PR1. We're always excited for the regular updates of page ranks as if it’s our life. When I think of those times it was like a roller coaster ride for our blogs. 

In my 14 years of blogging I experienced low peaks in blogging but I find it hard to stop writing because it has become part of my life. In the past few years blogging has decreased popularity but it evolved in some ways as sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest became a trend for added exposure. It also paved the way for the Influencers spotlight or what we called Vlogging which actually started more than a decade but really became very popular for several years now. 

We have social media pages where Influencers can post their unique content like FB pages, Youtube, Tiktok, Instagrams, Tweets and related social pages. People are excited and always waiting for new contents. I’m also a fan of Vloggers with cooking and baking channels and I follow them religiously. I also love channels on home design and DIY. 

The creativity of the content together with the talent of the Vlogger  to reach out the curiosity of the viewers pave the way for the Influencers’ success in their own chosen channels of Vlogging. This has brought some hope for me that my blogging journey will still be worth counting.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

Sending Your Love and Affection Through Beautiful Flowers


I’ve always loved gardening since I was a child because my Mom used to have a big garden full of orchids and varieties of ornamental plants in our home town province. I remember myself picking out flowers from the garden and arranging it on our living room flower vase. It creates a peaceful ambiance in our home and brings about natural air freshener fragrance as well. Until these days we still maintain to have fresh cut flowers on our vase to brighten up the mood of the house. 

Now we also need a well-arranged bouquet of flowers weekly for our Sunday Worship Church service and sometimes we find it hard to buy on the same day that we need it because of the country’s current situation. Since almost every piece of essential and necessities are being shipped by parcel and courier delivery services I’m thinking of flower delivery services too. There are many flower shops in our area like the nyc flower delivery of Plantshed Flowers that offers fair prices in goods and shipping costs so it would be a wise move to have our flowers delivered to our home for safety and convenience. 

Ordering online gives us not just convenience but the freedom to choose whatever we want because when you browsed on various online flower shops you’ll get to compare prices, kinds of blooms and arrangement just like the flowers delivered in NYC. With their wide range of flowers to choose from you will enjoy picking the right flowers for your personal needs or for your recipient’s satisfaction. You can have tulips, lilies and roses in handcrafted bouquets or lush floral arrangements delivered on the same day. So for any occasion in your life be it birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, thanksgiving, housewarming or for love and romance let your loved ones feel your warmth and affection through beautiful flowers delivered to them.


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tips to Find Quality Moving Services

Moving does not have to be the stress-filled experience many people make it out to be. One of the best ways to reduce the stress of this situation is to hire professional movers. However, one thing you will quickly realize when it comes to moving – there are a lot of options when it comes to movers.  

When you begin searching for professional moving services St Louis MO, they may all seem the same at first. This may result in you choosing a name and going with it. This isn’t always a smart strategy. To ensure you get the quality and professional services you need for your move, use the tips and information here.

Get Recommendations

More than 40 million people move per year. This means you likely know a few people who have moved within the last year. Take some time to ask them about the moving company they used. Find out what they liked or disliked about the service and if they would use them again. By getting recommendations, you can create a list of potential movers to learn more about.

Learn More About Recommended Options

Once you have a list of three to four potential moving services, it is time to do your research and learn more about them. For example, how long have they provided services in the local area? Are they well-known in the community? When you call the service for information, is the staff helpful and professional?

Finding the Right Moving Service

Finding the right moving service may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. With the tips and information found here, you can easily and quickly find a mover that will suit your needs and make the process of moving easier and less stressful. Being informed and knowing what to consider are the best ways to make any move a breeze.


Monday, August 24, 2020

Tips for Starting a Photography Collection

Anyone living in Westport CT knows that the plethora of artists and art galleries make starting an art collection particularly enticing. If you're not sure what to focus on collecting, photography might be the perfect medium. Here are some tips on how to create a meaningful photography collection.

Visit Museums and Galleries

Before you begin a collection, it is helpful to know what type of work appeals to you. Fortunately, you can find art Westport CT, at a large number of galleries and museums where you can study different styles. Think about what draws you to some photos more than others and see if you feel similarly about other works of the artists you like.

Choose Your Subject

The most substantial collections have a theme or focus around which each piece revolves. For example, you may find that you love portraits, or a particular artist's perspective draws you. When you find a common thread for photography that moves you, consider it a starting point to begin collecting.

Buy Within a Budget

Think of your photography collection as something that evolves and expands over your lifetime. When you start collecting, consider what you can realistically afford and buy the best piece you can find within your budget. Be wary of acquiring pieces that you don't love even if they are affordable. 

Learn the History 

There are several things to consider about an individual photograph before deciding how much it is worth. Factors that can affect a photo's value include placement within an edition, its creation from an original negative, its size and physical condition. As you gain experience, such attributes will become increasingly important when deciding what to include in your collection.

Collecting photography can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor. By taking the time to familiarize yourself with different artistic styles and acquisition principles, you can take pride in a well-curated collection.


Saturday, July 25, 2020

Getting Back to Work After a Long Vacation

Some things are not forever and so is my vacation which lasted for about two months. I still can’t get the hang of getting back to corporate work and find it hard to wake up so early in the morning. Anyway, I really need to get back to my regular routine and accept the fact that I need to report to my office now as work piled up already during my long vacation. Now there comes another problem with coming back to work and it’s also the problem of many of my office mates now. We all gained weight during our long rest from work and we really need to get back in shape again if we want our clothes to fit us. I’m glad that someone helped me find a body shaper at Feelingirldress which I really need to use with my office clothes. 

Working Moms like me usually has this kind of problem whenever they’ve had break from working or when they have given birth. Women need to exercise after some months of delivering baby or they’ll get fat, though some still get big even with exercise routine so they really need to have a waist and thigh trainer to help with looking fit and slender. This higher power black three belt neoprene waist trainer will support the waist and give strong tummy control to cover the bulges giving a slimmer silhouette on anything you want to wear. 

It's a good thing that having these trainers will not cost so much especially if you avail their wholesale body shapers which is so affordable that it won’t hurt your budget. They also provide wide variety of products that caters to women’s needs like costumes, corsets, chemises, stockings and other related products. Just visit their site and you’ll see how they can help with your particular needs.


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Starting a Construction Company

Construction can be a very labor-intensive business. It can be done all throughout the year so workers may face extreme elements. Though these things are a part of the job, you can make a lot of money in this business. People are always looking to build and update their homes or businesses. Because of its necessity, you could get experience in this industry and then start your own business. Here are a few things you will need to have if you are considering starting one.


You will want to have a good reliable workforce in your business. Many construction jobs will have timelines and deadlines of when buildings need to be erected. This can affect the overall money you are making. You want to be able to rely on your workers to get the job done without you always having to be there to watch them. your business may have multiple projects going on at once.


When you work on large-scale jobs, you will need more machines that can accommodate the jobs needing to be done. As you are work on more sites, evaluating your time becomes imperative. You’ll also want to have heavy machinery storage. Take care of your tools so you don’t have to waste money replacing them because of carelessness.   


Construction can be a dangerous job so you will want to have good insurance for your company and employees. You do not want to lose your business because of one mistake. You also need to make sure you have the proper permits for your business, as it is important when hiring and filing taxes at the end of the year. Things that seem small can put you out of business if you are not careful.

Starting your own business is one of the American dreams. If you put in the hard work, you can become successful in the construction industry.


Friday, May 29, 2020

Selecting the Best Fit For Your Little One’s Education

As your little one gets ready to take on their first true educational experiences in preschool and kindergarten, it is important to find the right fit. As you look at different types of schools, with some research, you will be sure to find the right one for your little one.

Types of Schools

It is important to understand that not all schools are created the same. This is why you must do your research. An accredited montessori schools Redmond WA will likely have a very different approach and philosophy than a Waldorf or public school.

Knowing Which Type is Right For You

As you begin to decipher which type of school is the best fit, it is important to evaluate your and your child’s needs. The school’s approach to child development, discipline and exploration should all align with your home life and personal philosophy. If you pick a lofty choice for the prestige alone, you are likely to have an ill-fitted match in the end.

Areas to Observe

As you look to select the best fit, schools will often present their best foot forward during presentations and visits. While they are there to support your child, they are often still functioning as businesses and need attendees to fund programs. As you assess the school during your visit, be observant of important areas that can give you a true sense of the fit and a true impression.

Additional Offerings

Selecting a school can be a big commitment, so make sure to take the time to evaluate all areas of the school. If they offer before and after programs, extracurricular opportunities and community engagement, these are all influential factors to pay attention to.

It is important to pick a preschool that best fits their and your needs while also challenging them and teaching them necessary skills, values and knowledge will set them up for the future. With this well-considered choice, you can know they are off to a successful start.


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